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Then both the Kaurava and the Pandava warriors, filled with joy, and causing the earth and the ten points of the compass to resound with the voice of musical instruments, the blare of conchs, and leonine roars and the din of battle, began to slaughter their foes.

Ameni was still speaking when the flags were hoisted on the standards by the triumphal arches, clouds of dust rolled up on the farther shore of the Nile, and the blare of trumpets was heard. First came the horses which had carried Rameses through the fight, with the king himself, who drove them.

He was capable of brushing away the whole Azure Society and New Thought movement into limbo. "You must please alter your date," said Elsie April. And she put her right elbow on the table and leaned her chin on it, and thus somehow established a domestic intimacy for the three amid all the blare and notoriety of the vast tea-room. "Oh, but I can't!" he said easily, familiarly.

Added to these there were the clatter of hoofs and the roll of wheels, the whinnying of horses, the shouts of command, the rattle of drums, the blare of trumpets, and the shrill pipe of flutes, without a moment's pause. It was a wild and ear-splitting tumult; to Melissa, however, neither painful nor pleasing, for the one idea, that she must speak with the great physician, silenced every other.

He was an open enemy; and she turned from him with the same loathing that she would have shown for a reptile in her path. His laugh that horrible, slippery sound followed her. He said something in Dutch to the man who lounged beside him, and at once another laugh Piet Vreiboom's bellowed forth like the blare of a bull. She flinched in spite of herself. Every nerve shrank.

Sons, wives and articles of pleasure and enjoyment that I have, these all I shall give him if he desires them. Indeed, unto him who discovers Keshava and Arjuna to me, I shall, after slaying those two, give all the wealth that may be left by them." Having uttered those diverse speeches in that battle, Karna blew his excellent conch, sea-born and producing a sweet blare.

Striving honestly to vanquish this error, she entered the hall soon after the Emperor and his young daughter-in-law; but there she was greeted from the balcony occupied by the city pipers and musicians, long before Biberli entered it, with the same fanfare that welcomed the illustrious guests of the city, and with which blended the blare of the heralds' trumpets.

"Let us go to see the sun set behind St. Peter's," all at once said Dario, conscientiously playing his part as a showman of curiosities. The victoria thereupon returned to the terrace, where a military band was now playing with a terrific blare of brass instruments.

Standing there, if the vacant life coming rose up before her in that hard blare of sunlight, she looked at it with the same still, waiting eyes, that told nothing. The door opened at last, and a man came in, Dr. Knowles, the principal owner of the factory. He nodded shortly to her, and, going to the desk, turned over the books, peering suspiciously at her work.

And if thou didst not see him die, And Zaida's tears of agony, The bandage on thine orbs draw tight That thou mayst never meet the sight! Sadly we march along the crowded street, While trumpets hoarsely blare and drums tempestuous beat. Not only Zaida's eyes are wet, For him her soul shall ne'er forget; But many a heart in equal share The sorrow of that lady bare.