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It was a foolish world, that world of book reading, a lackadaisical region of unreality, a place for women and children, but never meant for a man with a man's work to do. His stolidly contemptuous eyes were still peering about the room when the door opened and closed again.

"And you, grandpère," he said, touching the old man's hand; "why will not you go out and seek some change from your dull life? What sorrow is it that seems to press so hard on you to-day, and why do you think it necessary to give me words of warning? What shadow has come between us?" "What shadow!" echoed the old man, peering at him from under his bent brows.

Here, under black headlines, which screamed the success of the convention of the Ladies of Honor, was a horrible blotted outrage resembling a stout negress peering through a screen door and labeled, "Mrs. Serena Sarah Dott, of Scarford, whose brilliant paper scored the success of the meeting."

Here there was a rather thick and high growth of bushes, but peering among them, my eye at once caught a white oblong board supported on a stake: on this, in black letters, was marked the words, "DESCENSUS AESOPI." It was necessary, therefore, to go down: the meeting-place was subterranean.

They heard a voice, a voice almost unrecognizable, a voice hoarse and tremulous with fear, the voice of a hunted man. "Are you there, Ruth?" Ruth struggled to reply, but ineffectually. Slowly, and as though with some foreboding of danger, the footsteps came nearer and nearer. An unseen hand cautiously pushed the door open. Isaac stood upon the threshold, peering anxiously into the room.

She dived down into her large silk what-not of a reticule. "I've got your fleece-lined gloves here, son." "No no! For God's sake not those things! No!" He was back at the door again, opening it to a slit, peering through. "They're bringing more seats on the stage. If they crowd me in I won't go on. I can't play if I hear them breathe. Hi out there no more chairs! Pa! Hancock "

"There are eight of us left to sing, so we must all sing very loud." On they went speedily till they could see the end of the woods. One of the gray towers was peering between the trees. They had at last reached their goal. "Here we stop!" said Kurt, "but we must not go outside the woods. The Wildenstein ghost might otherwise step up to us, if he walks around the terrace. Here we go!"

"Snake's blood mixed with powdered deer-horn is the thing for him," said the wise-looking doctor who was called in, peering at Li carefully through his huge glasses, "Be sure," he continued, addressing Li's personal attendant, and, at the same time, snapping his long finger-nails nervously, "be sure, above all, not to leave him alone, for he is in danger of going raving mad at any moment, and I cannot say what he may do if he is not looked after carefully.

Beatrice had gone to them at once with an air of taking refuge, and stood beside and a little behind them. We both rose dejectedly. The two old ladies were evidently quite dreadfully shocked, and peering at us with their poor old eyes; and never had I seen such a tremblement in Lady Drew's lorgnettes. "You've never been fighting?" said Lady Drew. "You have been fighting."

Slowly he proceeded, peering here and there for some solution of the mystery. In this manner he had advanced a considerable distance, when the whining of the dog caused him to glance back. The animal had stopped, and seemed to be in trouble, looking first at the man, and then away to the left. Wondering what was the matter, Keith returned to the spot. "Well, doggie," he exclaimed, "what's wrong?"