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Burrows, instead of explaining the confusion, appeared embarrassed when she questioned him, and spurred by a sharp foreboding, she ran up the stairs to her mother-in-law's sitting-room. At her entrance a trembling voice wailed in a tone of remonstrance: "Oh, Gabriella, have you been out?" "Yes, I've been out. Mamma, what is the matter?" "I looked for you everywhere.

He could not tell just what it was, but there had settled on his mind a strange, uneasy foreboding. 'Asleep, Kenyon? asked the latter. 'No, was the answer. 'By George! John, she is one of the most charming girls I ever met. Wonderfully clever, too; makes a man feel like a fool beside her. She has read nearly everything. Has opinions on all our authors, a great many of whom I've never heard of.

In deference to her foreboding, he went by the third train, and on arriving at his destination found that the first train had been thrown off the line and had rolled down an embankment into the fields below. The warning in this case, he thinks, probably saved his life. Another correspondent, Mr.

She read Larry's letter, and knew that the foreboding would come true. It is probable that no human being was ever less the prey of intuitions or presentiments than was young Mr. Coppinger, as he bicycled lightly into Cluhir along the solitary steam-rolled road of the district, a typical effort of Irish civilisation, initiated by Dr.

"Boy, if you make one attempt to play me false," said he, "I'll blow your brains out, though you were my own son." Then he went to bed at once in a morose and foreboding mood, and I followed his example quickly. On the next morning Black quitted the house at an early hour after breakfast, but he locked the door of the room upon Osbart and myself.

Soon after that she had vanished in such a mysterious way, the bridegroom went below to the dimly-lighted room to find her, but in vain. At first thought this seemed to him to be a sort of bashful jest; but not finding her here, a mysterious foreboding seized him. He called to the mother of the bride: "Woe to me! This woman has gone!"

There is no reason for distrust. Shame on me if I am anxious, for every lily of the field blows its beauty, and every bird of the air carols its song without sorrowful foreboding, and yet there is no Father in heaven to them! And the last Inferiority is this; 'To-day it is, and to-morrow it is cast into the oven. Their little life is thus blessed and brightened.

The scene in his pretty and happy home, in contrast with the bitter experiences that might be near at hand, so oppressed him with foreboding and trouble that he went out and weakly sought temporary respite and courage in a larger amount of morphia than he had ever yet taken.

In the fair copy, the vague foreboding of some accident to come was so painfully present to his mind, that he struck out the words which referred to his marriage, and substituted the designedly indefinite phrase, "domestic affairs." THE day of the garden party arrived. There was no rain; but the air was heavy, and the sky was overcast by lowering clouds.

And those trees, bright as gold, falling down upon the ground and, dyed with mountain metals, shone as if they were bathed in the rays of the sun. "Then that best of birds, Garuda, perching on the summit of that mountain, ate both the elephant and the tortoise, rose on his wings with great speed from the top of the mountain. "And various omens began to appear among the gods foreboding fear.

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