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'I should have thought, said I, smiling, 'that that was a reason for your being in here too, Ham. 'Well, Mas'r Davy, in a general way, so 't would be, he returned; 'but look'ee here, Mas'r Davy, lowering his voice, and speaking very gravely. 'It's a young woman, sir a young woman, that Em'ly knowed once, and doen't ought to know no more.

They opened the flood-gates. That Risler, with all his good-nature, was an egotist pure and simple, a parvenu. They laughed at his accent and his bearing, they mimicked certain of his peculiarities. Then they talked about his household, and, lowering their voices, they became confidential, laughed familiarly together, were friends once more.

In each case the doctor was hopeful that the attack would be averted, but that didn't help out the afternoon's game any. "Two of our prize men out," muttered Dick anxiously to Dave at recess. "And it's claimed that misfortunes always travel by threes," returned Darrin, half mournfully. "Don't!" shivered Prescott. "Let us off with two misfortunes." Afternoon came along, somewhat raw and lowering.

"No, no!" the other repeats. Then I see Crillon's huge back bending over. My aunt's mouth opens gently and remains open. The eyelids fall back almost completely upon the stiffened gleam of the eyes, which squint in the gray and bony mask. I see Crillon's big hand hover over the little mummified face, lowering the eyelids and keeping them closed.

Abroad the wild fury of winter is lowering, And leafless and drear is the tree; But the vertical sun of the south appears pouring Its fierce, killing heats upon me: Without, all the season's chill symptoms begin But the fire of passion is raging within.

I should like to dine with him; I dare say he gives famous dinners. But what do you think we have been talking of? You. Yes, by heavens! And the general thinks you the finest girl in Bath." "Oh! Nonsense! How can you say so?" "And what do you think I said?" lowering his voice "well done, general, said I; I am quite of your mind."

"Whether or not I saw one before, there's one now," cried Jack, "and pretty near, too, and what's worse, it's a boat, so that they have oars, and will be coming up with us in spite of the calm." "They must have had a breeze to get thus far," remarked Bill. "Yes, but it has failed them now; see, they are lowering down the sail."

He beheld the evidence of wealth and the envy of wealth jaundiced his soul. Folding his arms on his breast, he stood a while, looking all around him, with closed lips and lowering brow; then he walked slowly on, his eyes fixed on the ground, and muttered to himself,

King Richard was in the fore rank of the spectators, waving his hand to his preserver. "Certainly you can come aboard," cried Cosmo heartily, at the same time hastening the preparations for lowering the ladder. "We are all glad to see you. And bring your companions along with you." De Beauxchamps accepted Cosmo Versal's invitation to bring his companions with him into the Ark.

Then, after a moment of silence: "You may call my carriage, Sweetwater. I can do nothing further here to-day. The atmosphere of this house stifles me. Dead flowers, dead hopes, and something worse than death lowering in the prospect. I remember my old friend this was his desk. Let us go, I say." Sweetwater threw open the door, but his wistful look did not escape the older man's eye.