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It looked like a colossal railroad map of the State of Massachusetts done in chain lightning on a midnight sky. Imagine it imagine a coal-black sky shivered into a tangled net-work of angry fire!

The limes and chestnuts were unfolding their tender sprays of spring-tide emerald, the willows shivered as their green buds made ripples in the water, and the soft light of sunset streamed over towers and colleges, giving a rich glow to the broad windows of the library, and bathing in its rosy tinge the white plumage of the swans upon the river.

"Come over by Roderigo's bed," Lucia said, "we have only a little time to talk before we leave." "Oh, but you must be excited!" Maria exclaimed. "Look at her eyes," Roderigo laughed, "of course she is." "Well, and why not," Lucia demanded, "wouldn't you be?" Roderigo shivered. "If I were going this day, back to Napoli, I would die from joy," he said.

Many feet tramped back and forth on the deck, and cheerful voices and laughter floated through the skylight, and down below a man knelt in a narrow cabin with his head buried in his arms, motionless. Mists blew about the mountains across the river, and over West Point hung a raw fog. Some of the officers who stood with bared heads by the heap of earth and the hole in the ground shivered a little.

Morning after morning the girls would wake to find the roofs covered with hoar frost. Ingred, who hated the cold, shivered as she crossed the windy quadrangle from the college to the hostel, and congratulated herself that she lived in the days of modern comforts.

Gribton shivered and turned up the collar of his fur coat. "Ugh, I can't stand this. It makes me sick to be back. Thank your stars that you are going to the sun and heat, and out of this hideous grey weather." They left him at the Embassy, and turned back to their hotel. "He's a useful man," said Lewis, "he has given us a cue; life will be pretty well varied out there for you and me, I fancy."

A long, agonizing wail shivered through the air. "Nell's Sick, and can't do her work." The woman rose as she spoke. "I saw her goin' off to-day, and told Flanagan she'd better keep her at home." Saying this, Norah went out quickly, Pinky following.

"I'm so glad it isn't so." Carlotta shivered under her hand. Things were not going any too well with K. True, he had received his promotion at the office, and with this present affluence of twenty-two dollars a week he was able to do several things. Mrs. Rosenfeld now washed and ironed one day a week at the little house, so that Katie might have more time to look after Anna.

He fell back, panting, his heart fluttering. Whatever was going on, he was in no shape to interrupt anything. But he knew that this was no delirium. He didn't have that kind of imagination. The chant changed, after a long moment of silence. Dave's heart had picked up speed, but now it missed again, and he felt cold. He shivered. Hell or heaven weren't like this, either.

Now there has come an opening. And he described to her while she shivered a little and drew herself together the provocations which were leading him into a tussle with the North R Club. 'They have given me a very civil invitation. They are the sort of men after all whom it pays to get hold of, if one can. Among their fellows, they are the men who think.