It was, perhaps, in these Hamburg days that Heine paid the visit to Goethe, of which he gives us this charming little picture: “When I visited him in Weimar, and stood before him, I involuntarily glanced at his side to see whether the eagle was not there with the lightning in his beak.

I might say more: "The Captain was obliged to drive himself, because Nils couldn't spare any one to go." But a moment can be long at times, and thought a lightning flash. I found time to reject both these plans and hatch out another before Fruen came. Though I doubt if my last plan was any better. Fruen asked in surprise: "Well, what do you want?"

In this, however, we were disappointed; for, before we were half through the woods, the rain fell in torrents, accompanied by the loudest thunder and most vivid lightning I had ever seen.

Now, here we are." He spoke with animation. Nora obeyed him implicitly. They entered the shadow of the cave, and the next instant found themselves in complete darkness. The boat bobbed up and down on the restless water, and just at that instant a flash of vivid lightning illuminated all the outside water, followed by a crashing roar of thunder.

I take no account of time, night and morning are the same to me and the day is but a sudden flash of lightning destroying the proud castle of my hopes and desires. A venerable man of God the father of my betrothed is in prison! And as a suspected murderer! There is still hope that he may be innocent. But this hope is but as a straw to a drowning man.

The turn of the wheel which opens to the gambler a vista of gold and happiness, lasts no longer than a flash of lightning, but the lottery gave five days' existence to that magnificent flash. What social power can to-day, for the sum of five sous, give us five days' happiness and launch us ideally into all the joys of civilization?

"It almost appeared as if the lightning ran entirely around that oil-tank. I wonder if those are ever struck?" "It must make sad work if they are," replied George, thinking for the first time of such a possibility. "In that tank alone there must be fully thirty-five thousand barrels of oil, and the conflagration would be something terrible."

But the George was quiet for that night. The thunder rolled over voiceless chambers; and the lights had been put out within the windows, on whose multitudinous small panes the lightning glared. So the Doctor went home to Mrs. Torvey, whom he charmed into good-humoured curiosity by the tale of wonder he had to relate.

At that time it looked as if the entire north end of the island was on fire." C. C. Evans, of Montreal, and John G. Morris, of New York, who were among those rescued, say the vessel arrived at 6 o'clock. As eight bells were struck a frightful explosion was heard up the mountain. A cloud of fire, toppling and roaring, swept with lightning speed down the mountain side and over the town and bay.

"With the yell of a mad beast wounded in his most vulnerable spot, the old man before us stamped with his heel upon the floor. "'Stop! cried he; and going rapidly to the front door he opened it. 'There! shrieked he, 'if you will be fools, go! and may the lightning blast you. But first give me the money.