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The only way of obtaining any information at all, is through the registers of taxation; and, to the despotism and exactions of these and most governments, we owe a knowledge of the proximate amount of the numbers of mankind. Tangier, Mogador, Wadnoun, and Sous have already been described, wholly, or in part. In 936, Arzila was sacked by the English, and remained for twenty years uninhabited.

Besides that you shall pay me a hundred gold sous annually, ten of which I shall give to the King when I annually render him homage for the lands that I hold. 'A hundred gold sous! I cried. 'My lands, jointly with those of my neighbor Fereol, will not yield such a sum year in and year out!

But it isn't pretty. I should like it with a bird on it a bird big like that! Come, Jean, drive me to the grocer's. Have you some honey? Yes, madame, here is some. Oh, how nice it is! But I don't want any of it; give me two sous' worth of sugar. Oh! Jean, look, take care! There! we have had a spill! Mr. Policeman, it was the cart which drove against us. You're not hurt, madame, are you?

Theodore has gone to live with his mother, who has a fish-stall in the Halles; she gives him three sous a day for washing down the stall and selling the fish when it has become too odorous for the ordinary customers. And he might have had five hundred francs for himself and remained my confidential clerk. You must not think for a moment, my dear Sir, that I was ever actually deceived in Theodore.

I am forced to take a business which only needs a little knack and a great deal of patience." "But how can two persons live on twelve sous a day?" "Oh, monsieur, we eat cakes made of buckwheat, and barnacles which I get off the rocks." "How old are you?" "Thirty-seven." "Did you ever leave Croisic?"

Goujet does not care to look like a stylish gentleman." She had taken out her notebook and was crossing off the various items. Everything was in order. She noticed that Gervaise was charging six sous for each bonnet. She protested, but had to agree that it was in line with present prices.

"May I lose that twenty-five sous if I have the slightest idea what you are about," remarked Gobenheim. "You seem to me to be crazy." "And yet it is all about a treasure," said Butscha, standing on tiptoe to whisper in Gobenheim's ear. "Dumay, I am sorry to say that I am still almost certain of what I told you," persisted Madame Mignon.

There are so many of us scouring the town every day without getting the smallest job. The day before yesterday I discovered an architect who works for a large contractor. You can have no idea of such an ignoramus of an architect a downright numskull, incapable even of tracing a plan. He gives me twenty-five sous an hour, and I set his houses straight for him.

The future charges of transportation shall be carried into the next bill. The amount of the present is 1154 livres, 13 sous, which, reckoning the French crown of six livres at six shillings and eight pence, Virginia money, is £64. 3s., which sum you will be so good as to keep in your hands, to be used occasionally in the education of my nephews, when the regular resources disappoint you.

That evening my tutor and I happened to be in the Rue du Bac, and as it was rather warm M. Jerome Coignard said to me: "Jacques Tournebroche, my son, would it be agreeable to you to turn to the left, into the Rue de Grenelle, in quest of a tavern that's to say, to some place where we could get a pot of wine for two sous?