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"Of course, I don't believe it, nor does Jack; but others will if we take you to the Key West hospital tied up in ropes and say you've got that blowing-up bug in your bonnet. Get the point?" "I get no points," he furiously pounded the table.

So picking up her bonnet that had fallen on the walk, she followed him, a little frightened at her own boldness, but very much elated. She did not think the garden grew prettier as they went on, and her conductor hurried her past a great many pretty squares and circles without giving her time to admire them.

It had not been an easy thing for Blue Bonnet and Annabel Jackson to show Joy the many little kindnesses which they had shown her, without becoming patronizing; but they had somehow to their credit; and Joy, for the first time in her life, was beginning to taste the sweets of companionship. Annabel Jackson was a born leader.

Camp emerged, her bonnet very much awry, and her husband bringing up the rear, puffing and worried, with a little red chair hanging from one shoulder and the faded umbrella clutched in one hand. They saw me at the same moment. 'Wal, began the lady, 'I'm glad I ain't the only simpleton in the world! If here you ain't!

Where the ravine headed at the base of the ridge a mile and a half southeast, thirty or forty Indians had collected, all ready to dash on. But why? Ah, see! Lieutenant Hall had sent two cavalry couriers forward, with dispatches for General Merritt. Two miles distant they were galloping hard, up the road, bent upon reaching the War Bonnet. The Indians knew.

"Oh, Aunt Lucinda, it's quite expensive, isn't it? A thousand two hundred dollars a year; and that doesn't include let's see 'use of piano, seat in church, laundry, doctor's bills, music lessons, fencing and riding' but then I wouldn't have to have all the extras. I could cut out the fencing and riding, of course, and the seat in church " "Elizabeth!" Blue Bonnet turned quickly.

"Does that please thee better, friend youth?" she asked turning toward the young man roguishly. "Would that I were a limner to paint you," burst from the young fellow impulsively. Harriet smiled charmingly as she swept him an elaborate courtesy. "In that thee does not agree with my cousin, friend. She doth not consider the bonnet becoming.

The second question is, Do our ideas of Dress corrupt our hearts? One may almost worship at the shrine of Dress. Many are the young ladies whose thoughts rise no higher than the dress they wear and the bonnet that decks their heads.

After dinner, when the fire in the grate had been lighted for the autumn evenings were beginning to bring chill to the air and the family gathered for an hour's chat before bed, Miss Clyde broached the subject to Blue Bonnet. "How would you like to continue your vacation for three months longer, Blue Bonnet, to stay on here with Grandmother and me until after the holidays?"

The room was rather cold, but of that the waiter gave a reasonable explanation in the fact that the fire had not been burning long. Furs however might be dispensed with, or Fleda thought so; and taking off her bonnet she endeavoured to rest her weary head against the sharp-cut top of the sofa-back, which seemed contrived expressly to punish and forbid all attempts at ease-seeking.