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"He turned his beast and was for galloping up the hill again, I suppose to inform his relations; but the donkey refused with many kicks, one of which sent Alfred plunging amongst the stones, and we were rubbing him down just as the rest of the party came upon us. Miss Quigley looked very grim on an old white pony; my aunt was on a black horse that might have turned grey, he is so old.

A fierce battle began in the darkness. Meantime Paul Bax, galloping through the city, had aroused the whole population for the defence.

It was a joyously-exciting day, and I was galloping down a grass hill at a pace which I should not have assumed had white people been with me, when a native rode up to me and said twice over, "maikai! paniola," and laughed heartily.

We had just passed the common, at the Northern end of the town, when we heard a clatter of galloping hoofs in the Bowery lane before us. Looking up the vista of road shaded by trees in fresh leafage, we saw a rider coming toward us at a very severe pace.

As an underchant, sinister accompaniment to the voices of the night, there came to them the muffled pulsing of a horse's hoofs; a quick and regular sound a horse galloping evenly with plenty in hand. Both heard it. Galors drove in the spurs, and the chase began. They were yet a mile away from Martle Brush.

We could make out their figures galloping hastily across the open places, mounting bushes and stubs to take a satisfying backward look, clambering to treetops, and launching themselves across the abysses between limbs. If we went slowly, they retired in silence. If we hurried at all, they protested in direct ratio to the speed of our advance.

The account given by the Corporal had, of course, been perfectly true. It was Dick who had been the first to see the hunted stag about a quarter of a mile away, travelling along at that steady lurching gallop which seems so slow and is so astonishingly swift; and it had needed all the Corporal's firmness to keep the boy from galloping after him on the spot.

A moment later a second waggon went galloping past, then a third, and finally a fourth. "Well, upon my Ah! good day. Doctor! Good day, good day!" The Clerk had recognised friends on the waggons, and was returning their salutations. When they were gone, he first looked at Philip, and then shouted, "Coachman, right about face. We're going home again and chance it."

"Waiter, bring an absinthe frappe and what's yours, Greenbrier?" "Whiskey straight," mourned Nye. "Out of the neck of a bottle you used to take it, Longy straight out of the neck of a bottle on a galloping pony Arizona redeye, not this ab oh, what's the use? They're on you." Merritt slipped the wine card under his glass. "All right. I suppose you think I'm spoiled by the city.

Gerald was at Oakworthy for the first week of his holidays, and he was the only person she could call to hold council with her. She had some difficulty in catching him; for he was galloping about with messages all day, figuring to himself that he produced a grand effect in the canvass, making caricatures, describing them to Lionel, and conducting him wherever he was not expected to be seen.