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"Emma McChesney, when you talk like that, so coolly, so evenly, so so darned mentally, I sometimes wonder if you really " "Don't say it, T. A. Because you don't mean it. I've had to fight for most of my happiness. I've never before found it ready at hand. I've always had to dig for it with a shovel and a spade and a pickax, and then blast.

After which, finding they were evenly matched, the Irish withdrew two days' march northwards, and the Cymry as far westwards. But now the Irish, sailing round the outside of Wales, came likewise up through the Red Rocks, and so into the Lake, and in their turn landing, harassed the cities.

"If the sheet was mussed I would not do this," she explained. "Then I would just lay all the clothes back under the pillows; but when the sheet is fresh it looks nice this way. Beat up the pillows, smooth them out, and stand them up evenly.

It is a curious historical fact, that under the very remarkable material growth of the United States which now took place, the political influence remained so evenly balanced between the North and the South for more than a generation.

Controlling himself, in a measure, he returned, "I came to tell you that your intimacy with that damned painter must stop." Her eyes narrowed slightly. One hand, hidden in the cushions, clenched until her rings hurt. "Just what do you mean by my intimacy?" she asked evenly. "You know what I mean," he replied coarsely. "I mean what intimacy with a man always means to a woman like you."

She read comprehension in his changed face and the shadow in her eyes, lambent and profound, deepened. "Treason to the world that we two made for ourselves out there," she pursued evenly. "You shattered it." "To the Undying Voices." "You stilled them, for me." "Oh, Ban! Not that!" A sudden, little sob wrenched at her throat.

Putting the question aside of your abominable theft, you have committed an outrage against people whom I honour, and against the woman whom I love." "Nor do I propose to give you any explanation, M. de St. Genis," retorted Clyffurde, who still spoke quite quietly and evenly.

I would advise my readers at least to wait until the fruit is fully and evenly colored; for it is our duty to do all we can to correct this vicious leaning towards swallowing unripe fruit, which is so prevalent in this nation, and the producer will not lose anything either, because his fruit will look much better, it will therefore bring the same price which half ripened fruit would have brought, even a week sooner, and will weigh heavier.

There is boating, and the river looks quite gay with boats with striped and colored awnings to protect the fair ones from the sun. Grandon and Latimer are famous oarsmen, and often gather an admiring audience which gets greatly excited over the victorious champion, though honors keep evenly divided. Then there are garden parties and musical evenings, so there is no lack of amusement.

They should be cut back evenly, and in accordance with the shape the hedge is to take. The pyramidal form appears to me to be the one most in harmony with Nature. In October, the hedge should receive its final shearing for the year; and if there is an apparent deficiency of vigor, the ground on both sides should receive another top-dressing, after removing the summer mulch.

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