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Among the first steps of the new government of Italy was the suppression of the useless convents and nunneries. This one at Sorrento early came under the ban.

The most highly educated man in the most highly educated society cannot sneer them out of being. But it is time to pass to the more strictly scientific aspect of the subject. The doctrine of race, in its popular form, is the direct offspring of the study of scientific philology; and yet it is just now, in its popular form at least, somewhat under the ban of scientific philologers.

Miss Wycliffe regarded him with a curious look, in which disapproval of his unconscious rudeness was mitigated by an indulgent appreciation of its cause. "You 've succeeded in driving her away at last," she said, with a touch of severity. He divined that he was not seriously under the ban of her displeasure. "I?" he echoed, disingenuously.

"'Not me, says Ban. 'This game is too easy. It doesn't interest me. He hands Jim a twenty-dollar bill, thanks him, goes in and has his bath, and has never touched a golf-stick since." Gardner had been listening with a kindling eye. He brought his fist down on his knee. "You've told me something!" he exclaimed. "Going to try it out on your own game?" "Not about golf. About Banneker.

The other was neutralized by connivance in Italy's proclamation of a protectorate over Albania on 3 June; and with this compensation she was induced to remove her ban on Venizelos and to risk that greater Greece, which with a free hand that statesman bade fair to achieve. France was whole-hearted in supporting him.

But his revolutionary and Unitarian principles did not serve him in good stead, and he was placed under the ban. At the same time a youth by the name of Robert Southey was having a like experience at Oxford. Other youths had tried in days agone to shake Cambridge and Oxford out of their conservatism, and the result was that the embryo revolutionists speedily found themselves warned off the campus.

Une u Kylong u'm donkam shibun ki nongbud bán leit ia leh ia kano-kano ka thyma, namar u long u briew uba khlain shibun bad u by'm jiw don uba lah ba'n pyniap ia u. La ki pyniap ruh u im pat kumne-kumne.

From that first night we met I have felt myself under the ban of your disapproval. Poor Monsieur de St. Aulaire and I!" and she laughed mockingly. "I pray you, Madame, do not name yourself in the same breath with that scoundrel!" said Calvert, in a low voice. "And why not, Monsieur? We are both of the same world, we have both been brought up after the same fashion, we are probably much alike.

But this wrought so little impression upon the queen that the said ban grew rather ridiculous than formidable, for the town of Emden harbored our merchants notwithstanding and afterward Stade, but they not being able to protect them so well from the imperial ban, they settled in the town of Hamburg.

When Charles was crowned as Charles VI., he was obliged to promise that he would never assemble a diet or council without convening all the princes and States of the empire; that he would never wage war, or conclude peace, or enter into alliance with any nation without the consent of the States; that he would not, of his own authority, put any prince under the ban of the empire; that confiscated territory should never be conferred upon any members of his own family, and that no successor to the imperial crown should be chosen during his lifetime, unless absence from Germany or the infirmities of age rendered him incapable of administering the affairs of the empire.

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