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"Well, Liubochka, what can you do? For she loved him too. Only she's a vain hussy, and frivolous. All she wants is only rags, and her own horses, and diamonds." Liubka flared up and hit one fist against the other. "I'd rub her into powder, the low-down creature? So that's called her having loved, too! If you love a man, then all that comes from him must be dear to you.

It was what that miserable phantom stood for which had to be got out of the way.... "If one only could go and spit it all out at some of them and take the consequences." He imagined himself accosting the red-nosed student and suddenly shaking his fist in his face. "From that one, though," he reflected, "there's nothing to be got, because he has no mind of his own.

And if I kill thot horse," he went on, still brandishing his fist "if thot horse he's dropping dead in thee harness I pay you for thot horse! I haf drive horses " "Si, si, si!" began Pedro, interrupting.

Benson, heavily prepared for the worst, "how could we? That's where it is, you see. But of course he wouldn't think of us." "But he does, you know. He has. He says that he will have people with him. That is to prepare us." Mrs. Benson's fist crashed into the paper. "How many people, Miss Percival? How many people? Why, seven, of course? What else could it be?

Liable to sudden gusts of anger, he was equally capable of knocking the life out of a comrade with his gigantic fist or of comforting some sniveling street urchin crossing his path. Well did the Scrub know it. He too was a contradictory mixture.

The boy came near smashing the lieutenant with his fist, and then, seeing who it was, he gave a gasp and nearly fainted on the spot. "Where's them fellers?" he murmured, looking around for his tormentors. "By gum! they've slipped! I've bin fooled!" After giving him some sharp advice, the lieutenant sent him into his tent, and departed.

As I came back dragging a log behind me I heard them in argument, and in their talk there was much about the Congress, and a woman named Flora Macdonald, and a British fleet sailing southward. "We'll have two thousand Highlanders and more to meet the fleet. He brought his fist down on the pine boards. "Ye did no help the King greatly at Culloden, Duncan," said my father, dryly.

O'Connor's answer was a sob, a sob that rose in his throat like a great fist, and choked him, and filled his eyes with scalding tears that shut out the glow of moon and stars. And he did not go toward Kedsty's, but trudged heavily in the direction of the river, for he knew that Kent had called his lie, and that they had said their last farewell.

"Master Harry," said one, "has not said a word. Surely he will not tell of us." Harry said he did not wish to tell; but if, he added, he were asked, he would have to tell the truth. A quarrel followed, in which Tommy struck his friend in the face with his fist.

The driver of the team sang out to him: "I say, pardner, you'd better come inside!" He neither turned nor spoke, but, bracing himself, suddenly crouched to the position for a standing leap, fist clenched.... A great cry rang out into the storm-filled night: "Champney!" The two men flung themselves upon him as he leaped, and in the ensuing struggle the three rolled together on the deck.