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"Wouldn't it be horrible," I said, "if I found out I wasn't a ffrench at all but had really sprung from a low-down, capital F family in the next county or somewhere!" "Oh, but you are a real ffrench," said Verna. "How do you know?" I asked. "I can FEEL it," she said. "I never felt that kind of sensation before towards anybody except my father!" I hardly knew whether to be pleased or not.

Just then the bow of the skiff was run on the bank, and the man, grasping Winn's arm, stepped ashore, saying, "Now make yourself useful, young fellow, and lead us to your mint or den or whatever you call it. If you don't want to I'll find a way to compel you, and if you try any low-down tricks, I'll make you wish you'd never been born." "Do you mean the log-hut?" asked Winn.

When that there missionary showed up at the installing meeting, the devil come right forward and asked for his pay. Means wa'n't long in seeing the mother's face in Mack. "It was Mack who sold them papers. It was that low-down missionary of a Means who was working in a mission down on the East Side after coming back who put him in with that janitor woman.

They've taken on superior airs. You couldn't reach up to Monty with a trimmed spruce pole. An' Link wal, he's just amazin' scornful. "'It's a swell game, ain't it? says Link, powerful sarcastic. 'Wal, what's hurtin' you low-down common cowmen? You keep harpin' on Monty's game leg an' on my game leg. If we hed good legs we'd beat you all the wuss. It's brains that wins in gol-lof.

Finally he slumped down into his chair with the air of one who gives it up, and said: "He's straining his viscera and he's breaking his heart trying to get some low-down job that a good dog wouldn't have, and yet wants to let on that if he had a chance to scoop an earldom he wouldn't do it. Tracy, don't put this kind of a strain on me. Lately I'm not as strong as I was."

Why, you low-down, monkey-faced excuse for a sparrow cop, would you have the crust to stand up in front of a judge and tell him that we were going faster than ten miles an hour? If you want to get us to the station it's a cinch you will have to push the machine. Walk! Not so you could notice it.

Virginia had been nurse in turn to all the children of Rudolph Musgrave's parents; and to the end of her life she appeared to regard the emancipation of the South's negroes as an irrelevant vagary of certain "low-down" and probably "ornery" Yankees as an, in short, quite eminently "tacky" proceeding which very certainly in no way affected her vested right to tyrannize over the Musgrave household.

It would be taking an unfair advantage of a shipwrecked mariner." "I shouldn't think of doing such a low-down thing," protested the forest creature. Nick refrained from mentioning this to Mrs. May, but when he had last seen the Mission Inn at Riverside he had thought that he would like to come there, next time, on his wedding trip.

The other rustler did not speak. He was small, swarthy-faced, with sloe-black eyes and matted hair, evidently a white man with Mexican blood. Keen, strung, furtive, he kept motionless, awaiting events. "Buster Jack, these new pards of yours are low-down rustlers, an' one of them's worse, as I could prove," said Wade, "but compared with you they're all gentlemen." Belllounds leered.

Doc was silent for a time, as if he were pondering the matter. "Yo' all shore come a-lookin' for b'ar," he opined, taking the glass which Trask thrust out at him. "But yo' all don't need to be squirmish about Mr. Peth. If he goes to act up, I'll settle his hash." "How's that?" Doc chuckled again. "I know how to handle that low-down trash," he whispered, tragically. "I'd drap somethin' in his tea.