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What would happen if that jumper, loaded with boys and girls, should leave the track just now? Jack chuckled as he thought of it. With its broad, sustaining runners, and with impetus once gained by its sheer descent, for what a distance must it speed upon that India-rubber ice before it finally broke through! What a happening then!

All he could do was to stand and stare first at her and then at his father. "Why don't you shake hands with her?" said Ryder, Sr., "She won't bite you." Then he added: "Miss Green is going to do some literary work for me, so we shall see a great deal of her. It's too bad you're going away!" He chuckled at his own pleasantry.

They emerged at last in company with a big parcel, hailed a hansom and drove away. Peter looked at the clock and chuckled. "To think Coblan is that sort of fool. Well, that youngster will add little to the fortunes of Coblan and Company. Toys!" He turned away from the window, and, seated again at his desk, began to scribble down some dates on a scrap of paper.

It ought to show Frank sitting on top of Hank, while Bluff and Jerry surround the other tramp, who is on his knees, aiming his old gun. Then my machine is lying there. Fellows, what need of words to explain what happened?" chuckled the gratified Will. Whenever he succeeded in securing a coveted picture the ardent photographer was the happiest boy in the county.

But let the dead bury their dead. There was now a new lord in Minchampstead; and every country Caliban was finding, to his disgust, that he had 'got a new master, and must perforce 'be a new man. Oh! how the squires swore and the farmers chuckled, when the 'Parvenu' sold the Minchampstead hounds, and celebrated his 1st of September by exterminating every hare and pheasant on the estate!

"We'll have nothing to receive them in." "But not Purt Sweet," chuckled Billy Long. "Purt's packed a dinner jacket and a pair of spats. How much other fancy raiment he proposes to spring on us the deponent knoweth not. He'll be just a scream in the woods." "He asked me if there were many dangerous characters lurking in the woods around Lake Dunkirk," chuckled Lance.

Gibelin chuckled harshly. "I have kept the most important thing for the last. I'm afraid it will annoy my distinguished colleague even more than the loss of the leather fragments." "Don't waste your sympathy," retorted Coquenil. Gibelin gave a little snort of defiance. "I certainly won't. I only mean that your début in this case hasn't been exactly ha, ha! well, not exactly brilliant."

Presently, as I watched, an awful flash of light shot from the head of the cloud, circled it about as though with a crown of living fire, and vanished. "Aha," chuckled old Indaba-zimbi, "my little boy is putting on his man's ring," and he tapped the gum ring on his own head, which natives assume when they reach a certain age and dignity.

The doctor shall prescribe for him instead of me; by Jove, that would serve him right." And my lord faintly chuckled. "No! this is what I am ill of" and he read the fatal note again. "I do nothing! cruel, unjust," sighed he. "I could have done, would have done, anything to please her.

And I chuckled with satisfaction as I saw him plunge behind the scenes, calling angrily upon some invisible Jim to come forth. I had acted as a sort of lightning-rod for a sister actress. Salvini's relations with his son were charming, though it sounded a bit odd to hear the stalwart young man calling him "papa."