The servant there looked me over with no great favour, but on telling him my business he went off, and returned with a young man of a pink and white complexion, in a green riding-frock, leather breeches, and top boots, who said: "Well, my man, I am Mr. Dix." There was a look about him, added to his tone and manner, set me strong against him. I knew his father had not been of this stamp.

"O for a Midas," cried the white domino, "to return to this leather- eared god the disgrace he received from him!" They now proceeded to the apartment which had been lately fitted up for refreshments, and which was so full of company that they entered it with difficulty.

Behind them, near the wall, sat six men of the abbot's retinue; two of them were rybalts; one was a pilgrim, who could easily be distinguished by his curved stick and dark mantle; the others looked like seminarists because their heads were shaved, but they wore lay clothing, girdles of ox leather, and swords.

Snodgrass expressed their concurrence; and having been directed to the Leather Bottle, a clean and commodious village ale-house, the three travellers entered, and at once inquired for a gentleman of the name of Tupman. 'Show the gentlemen into the parlour, Tom, said the landlady.

Kesshoo had to put on the top blocks to make the roof. Neither Koko nor Menie could do it right, though they tried and tried. It is a very hard thing to do. When the blocks were all laid up and the dome finished, Kesshoo said, "Now, Monnie can help pack it with snow." Monnie got the snow shovel. The snow shovel was made of three flat pieces of wood sewed together with leather thongs.

He wore an old shooting-coat and a woollen cap; a little leather sack was slung from his shoulder, and in his hand he carried a short-handled geologist's hammer.

The list closes with the Chronicle of Roderick de Ximenez, Archbishop of Toledo, "bound in green leather."* * Stapleton's exchequer Inventory, Edward II. But in the following year these manuscripts were given to the monastery at Sheen.

The Jefferson ends had come in so fast, however, that Neil was forced to send the ball away hurriedly, and the leather flew wide of the goal posts. While the ball was being brought out to the twenty-yard line, Norris gathered his players around him for a few seconds. What he said apparently had an immediate effect, for when the play continued, Jefferson seemed to be filled with a new spirit.

Philippe le Bel met with the same resistance when the torture of the pendulum was applied in his presence to the Templars. That punishment consisted in striking the victim on the breast with one arm of the balance pole with which money is coined, its end being covered with a pad of leather.

Then he turned calmly to me and added, "Now, stranger, I low yer gwine ter come along or get the hell of a lickin' and then come along anyhow." The second mountaineer slipped his revolver back into the case which, mountain fashion, he wore strapped to his side beneath his left armpit. Both men carefully buttoned their leather holsters.