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And the next night the little news-boys in the streets were crying out the "Fall of Fort Sum ter!" It rang ominously in my heart. The rebels had succeeded so far; and they would go on. Yes, they would go on now, I felt assured; unless some very serious check should be given them. Could the Yankees give that? I doubted it.

Up ter dat time he wuz ez ball ez a sweeten' 'tater, but des ez soon ez de young leaves begun ter come out on de grapevimes de ha'r begun ter grow out on Henry's head, en by de middle er de summer he had de bigges' head er ha'r on de plantation.

"I swapped with him f'r a peach, 'n he e't the peach at noon-time, 'n then wouldn't gimme no bernanner." "The peach warn't no good," Mike interpolated swiftly, seeing my expression, "it warn't no good, Miss Kate. When I come to eat it I had ter chuck half of it away, 'nd then Joe Guinee went t' my lunch bucket and hooked my bernanner!"

I know the law don't 'low a magistrate an' a jestice ter cuss in his high office, in the presence of the county court. I want the law! I want the law!"

We has ter," Ted thought, as he made his way back to Mandy Ann, who was wide-awake and ready for any war of words which might come up between herself and Ted, "who felt mighty smart 'case he was cabin boy on de 'Hatty." As Ted suspected, the stranger was of Northern birth, which showed itself in his accent and cold, proud bearing. He might have been thirty, and he might have been more.

"He has th' temptations same as we all has, but he seen his duty when his fa-ather shown it ter him." Then the old man became reflective. "It's sorry I'd 'a' been ter have had ter mess Jimmie all up," he continued "but I'd 'a' done it. It's lucky f'r him he didn't show fight; it's lucky f'r him, I'm tellin' ye."

"Is marm here?" inquired a coarse voice at the door, and a red, chubby face was thrust in the narrow opening. "Why, Josiah Turner, I told you ter go ter bed an hour ago. Well, I must go, Miss Evans. I 'spose my boy won't go without me," and taking her son by the hand, she departed.

What was his game prowlin' around here an' tryin' ter make friends with the dog?" "I'll tell you that," returned Nick, glancing across at Rube. "It was all quite innercent. I knew that Kiddie an' you was away on a canoe trip. Broken Feather knew it, too. I'd a suspicion, an' more'n a suspicion, that he'd made up his mind ter break in here an' carry off some of Kiddie's valu'bles.

"Talk better t t t t than you k k kin. I could p p preach." "Yes, ter deef folks. Say, you puts me in mind o' er chicken with de gapes." "You air a f f f f " "You needn't try ter tell me. I knows it." "That's a a a about all you d d d d do know. Mother sent me atter the wash k k k kittle." "She don't need it much den. Go on erway." "I'm goin' t t t to git a g g gun an' come atter you."

I knowed I'd only ter bide my time, 'n' I'm now near seventy-two year old. Dear, dear, how th' time goes! Seems like only th' other day when I was married! Was that nine the clock struck?" "Ya'as, 'm." "Well, I b'lieve I'll git ter bed." "Wait, mother, let me help yer," said her daughter, hastily throwing aside her knitting.