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Anyway, do the things you can do, and don't kick because you can't do more. The trail I know. Gold I know. The Yukon I know. Then what's the use in quittin' it fer something I don't know, and don't care a cuss for anyway?" This was the man, simple, direct. Wealth meant nothing to him. It was there. It sometimes seemed like snowing him under. He couldn't help it. Life was all he wanted.

She was trembling, and yet she could almost have smiled at this well-remembered trick of pertinacity. "No," she said, and immediately hated herself for answering him. "H-haven't took that Worthington cuss?" He was jealous! "I didn't come to discuss Mr. Worthington," she replied. "Folks say it's only a matter of time," said he. "Made up your mind to take him, Cynthy? M-made up your mind?"

Just imagine you're on the bridge of a steamer making up to a dock against a strong flood tide, with stupid mates fore and aft, and rotten lines that won't hold when you get them over the dolphins, and the tide has grabbed you and slammed you into the dock and done five hundred dollars' worth of damage just feel like that, Matt " "If I do I'll cuss something scandalous," Matt warned him.

The leader of the committee, panting, but apparently unconcerned over what had happened, motioned the two men to lead the way. He pointed to the large building in the center of the "floor." "That way," he said, "and I hope Sitsumi and The Three give us permission to throw you out without parachutes or high altitude suits." "Pleasant cuss, aren't you?" said Eyer. "I don't think you like us."

And if I'd known you was holding out here, I'd 'a' come sooner, maybe. You sure look good to me, you darned little cuss!" Rowdy sat up and took a lightning inventory of the four or five other fellows lounging about. He must have slept pretty sound, he thought, not to hear them come in. Pink read the look, and bethought him of the necessary introductions.

"Why, hell, Ma I wasn't meanin' hell, Ma, but somebody I reckon I know who plants a mountain lion right aside my bunk last night when I was sleepin'. Fust thing this mawnin' I heard that bell and jumped out o' my bunk plumb onto the cuss. Like to bruk my neck. That there lion was a-lookin' right up into my face, kind of sleepy-eyed and smilin' like he was hungry. I sure didn't stop to find out.

"I don't care a tinker's cuss what he say. It's what I say counts on this job." "Did they hurt boss?" Koppy's voice was servilely anxious. "Lefty tell me Morani stab." Torrance laughed contemptuously. He was stroking his moustache with the injured hand; now he threw both arms out and repeated the sneering laugh. "Chico's knife is more dangerous to himself than to me."

When I wuz a-comin' home to-day an' seed de gullies 'long der way, hit jes made me cuss, kase dey wuz dar a-testifyin' ob de ole time when a man war a critter a dog a nuffin!" "Now you oughtn't to say dat, Nimbus. Just think of me. Warn't you better off as a slave than I am free?" "No, I warn't. I'd ruther be a hundred times wuss off ner you, an' free, than ez strong as I am an' a slave."

"'This hoss doesn't care a cuss for you; you're a sneaking hypocrite; you deserve all you've got and more too and look here, old boy, it's me that says so. "I strayed off a piece, pretending to get cool, but this hoss began to get scared, and that's a fact; for the devils carried Cormon until they got tired of him, and, said I to myself, 'Ain't they been doing me the same way?

While George chopped wood for the fires and boughs of small firs for bedding, Big Bill sat with a rifle across his knees just back of the prisoner. "Gid's a shifty old cuss, and I ain't taking any chances," he explained aloud to Dud. Holt was beginning to take the outrage philosophically. He sat close to a smudge and smoked his pipe. "I wouldn't either if I were you.

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