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What was the meaning of it? An attack? Were the men on the trail resisting the police? He had warned them. He . Listen! The shouting! Now he could distinctly hear the sound of galloping horses. He leaned forward and grabbed the whip from its socket on the dashboard, and brought it smartly down upon his horses' backs.

Burton was a splendid swimmer, there was no doubt about that, but his ordeal in the water had told on him severely. He grabbed Clancy's outstretched hand desparingly, and was assisted to climb over the bulwarks. Once aboard, he fell in a sprawl on the boat's bottom, breathing heavily. Hiram Hill got into the boat much more easily.

You've grabbed up everything into your rapacious hands, and I'm completely robbed of the possibility of disposing of my own private property. I'm making complete preparations this will be unpleasant to them." Sasha burned the papers in silence, and carefully mixed their ashes with the other cinders in the stove. "Sasha, go," said Nikolay, putting out his hand to her. "Good-by.

As our ill luck would have it, Demetrius found a couple of dingy rowboats at the edge of the creek, and into one of them he jumped, grabbed the oars, and paddled himself down-stream at a pretty good clip.

Don't take any more of that vile stuff, you'll make yourself drunk. Here " and then, with sudden fury, the preacher grabbed the bottle, threw it out of the window among the debris of rotting fruit and rusty cans and faced the Englishman.

A few moments later a man went running softly toward the horse. He carried a bundle of tinned meats and preserves slung in a coat. At peril of his life he had crept up and stolen them from the common pile that was stacked up at the very door of the shanty where the women and children slept. As he came running he grabbed for Brom Bones' bridle and tried to launch himself across the colt's back.

At the sight of this small, but formidable force, the Indians halted. They were armed with guns of ancient make, while some had spears, and others bows and arrows. A few had grabbed up stones as weapons.

With a sudden twist the white man sent him sprawling on the ground, and, before he had a chance to get up again, was holding the black down with a wrestling grip he had learnt when he was a lad. He grabbed his hat with his free hand and reached for the red-hot branding-iron. He pressed the fiery T.D.3 into the flank of the naked black-fellow.

The first thing Maria knew, Josephine had grabbed the handle of the carriage two red girl hands appeared beside her own small, gloved ones. "Here, gimme this baby to once," gabbled Josephine in the thick speech of her kind. Maria looked at her. "The time isn't up, and you know it isn't, Josephine," said she.

I ate something yesterday. But if you can spare something for the Kid Hey, Kid!" A thin boy of about sixteen crept out from behind some rubble, staring uncertainly. Then, at the sight of the food, he made a lunge, grabbed it, and hardly waited to get it through the slits of his suit before gulping it down. Rusty sat down, his lined old face breaking into a faint grin.

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