"Our brethren are now marshalling our warriors," said Judas; "all, under God, depends upon silence, promptitude, decision. We fight for our lives and our laws." The leader turned to depart, but as he did so accidentally dropped something on the ground. He stooped to raise and twist it rapidly round his left arm, under the sleeve.

And opening her little wrist-bag, she took out of it two spare handkerchiefs, and tied them, with tremulous hands, round the wrist he held out to her, a wrist brown and spare and powerful, like the rest of him. "Now have you got anything you could tie round the arm, above the wound and then twist the knot?" She thought. "My veil!" She slipped it off in a moment, a long motor veil of stout make.

"I'm interested in those that find them. I told you how hateful that Mrs. Schuyler Blunt is." "Why don't you cut her? Why don't you make it uncomfortable for her?" "I can't find out," she said, with a laugh, dropping into the language of the Street, "anything she is short in, or I would." "And you want me to get a twist on old Blunt?" and Henderson roared with laughter at the idea. "No, indeed.

The timber is not much used in building, except for rough farm sheds; as boards it is liable to twist and become what is called "cross-winding." The land in the New Forest is mostly too poor for the elm, and this should warn the theorists, who during the war have advocated reclaiming the open heaths and moors for agricultural purposes, against such an ignorant proposition.

Swan led up the blaze-faced horse and pointed to the right stirrup. "Spurs would scratch like that if you jerk your foot, maybe. You're a good rider, Mr. Hunter, you can tell. That's a right stirrup, ain't it? Fred Thurman, he's got his left foot twist around, all broke from jerking in his stirrup.

Wax the two together. So treat the two other strands. Grasp the three cords together in your left hand at a point nine inches from the end. With the right hand pick up one strand near this point and twist it between the thumb and finger, away from you, rolling it tight, at the same time pulling it toward you. Seize another strand, twist it from you and pull it toward you.

An extremely clever woman." "Then what on earth does she come and bury herself down here for?" cried the Captain. Masham shewed a meditative twist of the lip. "Can't say, I'm sure. But they want money. And Miss Blanchflower is an important capture." "I hope that girl will soon have the sense to shake them off!" said the Captain with energy. "She's a deal too beautiful for that kind of thing.

What chance has a poor twist of flowers in such a storm? Its beauty will be marred, and all the petals beaten off, and nothing remains but that it should be trampled into mud. The rush of the prophet's denunciation is swift and irresistible as the assault it describes, and it flashes from one metaphor to another without pause. The fertility of the valley of Samaria shapes the figures.

Something lifted for me that day as Buddy and I led off down that fat, green valley, with the pass farther and farther behind a weight off my spirit, a deadly fear of accident, not to myself but to the Family, which had obsessed me for the last few days. But now I could twist in my saddle and see them all, ruddy and sound and happy, whistling as they rode. And I knew that it was all right.

She can't do it, but I shall let her think she's doing it. She takes me for a rattling scapegrace, and I needn't put on the sober and respectable unless I choose to; and when I do choose it will be a big card in my hand. By George! sir, I know Calthea so well that I can twist her around my finger, and I am not sure, if I had got the other one, that I could have done that.