Now that he had caught the idea, he could see at a glance, as his mind changed his metaphor, how admirably she was suited to the tapestried European setting. He was conscious even of something akin to pride in the triumphs she was capable of achieving on that richly decorated world-stage, much as though she were some compatriot prima-donna.

"I must not," answered the Master of Ravenswood, "challenge the freedom of speech in which I have set example. What, to speak without a metaphor, do you call this monstrous passion which you charge me with fostering?" "Revenge, my good sir revenge; which, if it be as gentle manlike a sin as wine and wassail, with their et coeteras, is equally unchristian, and not so bloodless.

We may add, that he had not a single expression which was either harsh, unnatural, abject, or far-fetched; and yet he was so far from confining himself to the plain and ordinary mode of speaking, that he abounded greatly in the metaphor, but such metaphors as did not appear to usurp a post that belonged to another, but only to occupy their own.

But they will find none of their own favourite concetti; hardly even a metaphor; no taint of this new poetic diction into which we have now fallen, after all our abuse of the far more manly and sincere "poetic diction" of the eighteenth century; they will find no loitering by the way to argue and moralise, and grumble at Providence, and show off the author's own genius and sensibility; they will find, in short, two real works of art, earnest, melodious, self-forgetful, knowing clearly what they want to say, and saying it in the shortest, the simplest, the calmest, the most finished words.

And the plain English of what lies behind that metaphor is this solemn thought, which I would might blaze before each of us, in all our lives, that God's calm and all-comprehensive knowledge and remembrance takes and keeps filed, and ready for reference, the whole story of our whole acts. There is a book.

"And when the clouds come, Monsieur le Vicomte, and shut out the moon, there is, then, a cessation to destiny?" "You are not only a poet, Madame," he observed, his fingers straying over his mustache. "You have eclipsed my metaphor nicely, I will admit." "And this preamble leads . . . ?" "I have something of vital importance to tell you; but it can not be told here.

He could barely hear the formidable tumult in the wine-shop, taken by assault, like a vague murmur overhead. Paris casts twenty-five millions yearly into the water. And this without metaphor. How, and in what manner? Day and night. With what object? With no object. With what intention? With no intention. Why? For no reason. By means of what organ? By means of its intestine. What is its intestine?

McKaye on the hospital steps, and he tendered me his meed of gratitude like the splendid gentleman he is." "Oh, I see!" A great light had suddenly dawned on Mr. Daney. "The Laird led trumps, but Nellie McKaye revoked and played a little deuce?" "Well, Mr. Daney, it seemed to me she fumbled the ball, to employ a sporting metaphor. She bowed to me like this and smiled at me like that!"

A similar idea, though with a modification in metaphor, is included in that last word, the sin is not reckoned.

'If winter comes, can spring be far behind? They that sleep will awake, and be satisfied when they 'awake with Thy likeness. And so these three things repose, conscious, continuous existence, and the certainty of awaking all lie in that metaphor. Now, then, the risen Christ is the only ground of such hope, and faith in Him is the only state of mind which is entitled to cherish it.