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A glorious thrill of youthful triumph ran through me; she had paid her first tribute to my manhood in that blush; the offering was small, but, for its significance, frankincense and myrrh to me. "I thought you came to talk about Wetter's Bill," she suggested presently in a voice lower than her usual tones. "The deuce take Wetter's Bill," said I. "I am very interested in it." "Just now?"

"I repeat I have no evening clothes, on the other hand I've a deuce of a good appetite. A brandy cocktail and the book of words, please." They were supplied. Richard ordered his dinner with a reckless disregard for expenditure and a nice choice of wine and dishes which earned the appreciation of those that waited upon him.

"That Dodge girl has crossed us again!" he exclaimed excitedly. "How?" demanded Del Mar, with an oath. "I saw her on the rocks just now. She happened to stumble on the bomb which you left there to be placed." "And then?" demanded Del Mar. "She took it with her in her car." "The deuce!" ejaculated the foreign agent, furiously. "You must get the men out and hunt the country thoroughly.

But what was most mysterious was the fact that no killed or wounded individual could be found, nor any one who had either fired a pistol or had seen one fired! no man had been shot, nor had any man shot him! What the deuce could it mean? Who had cried out that some one was shot? That no one could tell! Mystery, indeed.

You are exhorted to pursue the same course, and we remain once more your deucedly attached Jan. 19, 1812. I shall be at the "Swan" to-day, dear Z. I have, alas! too much leisure, and you none! Your What the deuce has become of you? Are you to be at the "Swan" to-day? No? ... Yes! See from this enclosure what I have done for Hungary. My excellent little quondam musical Count,

What the devil was the use of my writing, when words are powerless to describe ? What a rum old place this seems, after experiences like mine; how the deuce can you live here? I say, I've brought you a ton of curiosities; will make your rooms look like a museum. Confound it! I've broken my shin against the turn in the staircase! Whew! Who are you going to dine with? Moxey? Never heard the name.

Also he said," the man went on, "and this is the greatest message of all. Before I speak further you must make a book of my words." Sanders frowned. It was an unusual request from a native, for his offer to be set down in writing. "You might take a note of this, Hamilton," he said aside, "though why the deuce he wants a note of this made I cannot for the life of me imagine.

Roland was more than half a Roman; the son might still cling to his household affections, but the Lares were a part of his religion. But I ought to be hard at work preparing myself for Cambridge. The deuce! how can I? The point in academical education on which I require most preparation is Greek composition. I come to my father, who, one might think, was at home enough in this.

Rantoul began to appear in society, besieged with the invitations that his Southern aristocracy and the romance of his success procured him. "You go out too much," said Herkimer to him, with a fearful growl. "What the deuce do you want with society, anyhow? Keep away from it. You've nothing to do with it." "What do I do? I go out once a week," said Rantoul, whistling pleasantly.

All was well, but I had forgotten to bring a bill of health from Horta, and so when the fierce old port doctor came to inspect there was a row. That, however, was the very thing needed. If you want to get on well with a true Britisher you must first have a deuce of a row with him. I knew that well enough, and so I fired away, shot for shot, as best I could.

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