She must have a rest for a bit; so instead of the widow we have the market-gardener the market-gardener liable to be disturbed on the outskirts of great cities, if the population of those cities expands, if the area which they require for their health and daily life should become larger than it is at present.

"I've come up, you see," said Mrs. Talcott. "I've come up to see you, Mr. Jardine." "Yes?" said Gregory gently. He had placed a chair for her but, when she sat down, he remained standing. He did not, it was evident, imagine her errand to be one that would require a prolonged attention from him. "Mr. Jardine," said Mrs.

When the artist is once enabled to express himself with some degree of correctness, he must then endeavour to collect subjects for expression; to amass a stock of ideas, to be combined and varied as occasion may require. He is now in the second period of study, in which his business is to learn all that has hitherto been known and done.

So I have a pretty problem before me to invent some way to destroy the mermaids or put them out of existence. And it will require some thought." "Also, it will require some power you do not possess," suggested the Queen. "That may be," replied Zog softly. "But I am going to experiment, and I believe I shall be able to cause you a lot of pain and sorrow before I finally make an end of you.

Her mother might marry her to Paillard; Claire might fall ill; without him at her elbow to keep her to their purpose the voyage to an unknown land might require more courage than she possessed. Billy saw it was imperative they should depart together, and to that end he must have his two thousand dollars. The money was justly his. For it he had sweated and slaved; had given his best effort.

When Tung Chih died there was a formidable party in the palace opposed to the two dowagers, anxious to oust them and their party and place upon the throne a dissolute son of Prince Kung. But it would require a master mind from the outside to learn of the death of her son and select and proclaim a successor quicker than the Empress Dowager herself could do so from the inside.

It won't require long for me to teach you all I know, and by that time your hand will be clasped in mine, and our 'hearts will beat as one, and you will give me a kiss every night and morning, and a few during the day for interest, and we will go on in life together and learn songs, miracles, and wonders until the old oak calls us.

The joyful intelligence ran through the house, and the other children impatiently flew to this scene of transport. To describe their feelings or express their felicity would require the aid of the most descriptive pen, and even then would be but faintly told, and therefore had much better be passed over.

There are many who not only are qualified so to do, but are incessantly labouring to bring their countrymen to God." "That must be very satisfactory to you." "It is; but what am I, and the few who labour with me, to the thousands and thousands who are here in darkness, and require our aid?

Admitting that France has two fronts from Dunkirk to Basel, one from Basel to Savoy, one from Savoy to Nice, in addition to the totally distinct line of the Pyrenees and the coast-line, there are six fronts, requiring forty to fifty places. Every military man will admit that this is enough, since the Swiss and coast fronts require fewer than the northeast.