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We deprecate strongly, most strongly, that unnatural system, which gives children tasks so far beyond their powers, and for which their infantile faculties are not qualified; we would lead them on in the path which nature has marked out step by step taking care that one thing should be thoroughly mastered before another is attempted.

There feigning to submit his Destiny to the Arbitration of that illustrious Senate, he set forth, and urged his Claim with such a persuasive Eloquence, that the whole Assembly unanimously annulled a Will, which deprived him of an Honour that was his incontestable Right, and of a Trust for which he was unexceptionably qualified.

Therefore it is qualified to appoint a general or a high-court judge or other officer of the law. So be it, but for the selection of a young judge or a young and untried officer what special source of information has the people? I cannot find that it has any.

The want of means, and an imprudent marriage in early life, had hindered him from entering it sooner. For twenty years he had worked as a clerk, when he was fully qualified to have been the head of the firm. The death of an uncle who left him a small property unchained him from the oar, and as he said, "made a man of him at last." Poor little man.

It passed without division and again on the third reading April 12, 1918, when the full Parliamentary or Federal suffrage was conferred on every woman who fulfilled the following conditions: Is a British subject; is of the full age of 21 years or upwards; possesses the qualifications which would entitle a male person to vote at a Dominion election in the Province in which the woman is seeking to vote, provided that a married woman or a daughter living at home with her parents shall be deemed to have any necessary property or income qualifications if her husband or either of her parents is so qualified.

But men had lost their heads in the tempest, and, harassed by a thousand dangers, the patriots struck out in their rage. We shall see in another part of this work that the first of the two authors whom I have cited is, in spite of his uncompromising Jacobinism, by no means indulgent toward the men formerly qualified as the ``Giants of the Convention.

Such classes need only three conditions: a clear understanding of the purpose of meeting the actual problems of religious training in the family, a leader or instructor who is really qualified to lead and to instruct in this subject, and an invitation to parents to avail themselves of this opportunity.

The qualification of electors shall be that "every free white man, and no other person," &c., "shall be deemed a person qualified to vote for, and shall be capable of being elected a representative."

London Daily Chronicle. "Only an author qualified by personal experience could offer us a profitable study of a race so alien from our own as is the Indian in thought, feeling, and culture. Only long association with Indians can enable a white man measurably to comprehend their thoughts and enter into their feelings. Such association has been Mr. Grinnell's." New York Sun. Illustrated. 12mo.

But the applause bestowed on others will often generate uneasiness and a sigh, in men least of all qualified by nature to acquire similar applause. We are not contented to proceed in the path of obscure usefulness and worth. We are eager to be admired, and thus often engage in pursuits for which perhaps we are of all men least adapted Each one would be the man above him.