It was further agreed that Leopold, in requital of these services, should receive the crown of Bohemia, be elected King of the Romans, and declared heir to the Emperor, so far as Rudolph could make him his heir. The first point in the program he had only in part accomplished.

Hughes's statements, when he makes them, shall satisfy the committee that it is for the interest of the country that he be elected, they can act accordingly and treat my refusal as definitely accepted.

"And all the time you were keeping this to yourself for the sake of treasure, and in order to have your own way, and run off?" "Yes, sir." "And you knew that your chum's father was elected here to enforce the law, and that the guilty should be punished all this you knew?" "Yes, sir." "And yet you did all that you did all that you have told?" "Yes, sir." Well, then Major Abbott took another turn.

Members of the general assembly, not to exceed sixty, are apportioned among the counties according to population. Residence in the state two years, in the county one year. A majority is a quorum. The final passage of bills requires a majority of the members elected. The same majorities may pass bills disapproved by the governor.

Bunny Langham succeeded in getting himself elected Secretary of the Union, and he told me that he was going to have several cabinet ministers down to speak in the following term, and should give them a jolly good dinner. He asked Jack and me to meet them, but only one of them came, and he did not dine with Bunny.

He showed how one man, in coalition with the labor-unions, had succeeded in carrying the State against the big copper company; how he had elected senators and governors, and legislators and judges. If one man could so cripple the octopus, what could the best blood of the State, standing together, not accomplish?

A supreme court, courts of chancery, circuit courts, and justices of the peace. The supreme court consists of three judges elected by the people for six years. The state is divided into four circuits, and a judge elected in each judicial circuit for six years, who presides in the courts held in his circuit.

If a dozen state officials are elected, the average citizen is uncertain who is to blame for inefficiency; each official shoves the responsibility on to the others' shoulders, and it is not plain what can be done except to depose them all, one by one. If a governor only is elected, and is required to appoint his subordinates, the entire blame rests upon his shoulders.

From 1839 to 1848, Tocqueville, elected and reëlected from Valognes, sat without interruption in the Chamber of Deputies, where he constantly voted with the constitutional opposition. His nature was too sensitive and his health too delicate to enable him to hold a foremost place as orator in the debates of this period.

I happened to see him in his front office, and on a sudden impulse, I went in, took hold of his collar, and gave him a good licking. The next day he bawled me out worse than ever. He said I was not only a wild Welshman and a blockhead, but what is more deadly still, I was a gorilla and an assassin. And the next day I was elected. I will go back and relate more details of my race for office.