Please 'm don't ask Mr. Pritchard nothing! High-Spy makes him punish me whenever " "Punish you!" I straightened indignantly. "Why does he punish you? What right " "I don't mean licking. But he keeps me out of the room when I'm sent out, and docks me at the end of the week. Mother needs every cent. She's back in the rent. I was sent out to-day." "But why? What were you doing?"

They like these things themselves, and think others ought to like them too. What do they want to be licking Walker's boots at all for? We all voted and worked for him; that was enough! It will just show you the way people will crawl to a bit of money! Oh dear, how Walker must be grinning in his sleeve! I won't sing for them!" But she was not to escape so easily.

We remarked this more particularly, for it was about the only instance we witnessed of a public man being independent enough to denounce the fanaticism of secession. A more amusing scene than that presented by the attitudes-the questions in regard to South Carolina licking the Federal Government-the strange pomp-ribald gasconade, and high-sounding chivalry of the worthies, cannot be imagined.

"Morrison," said the man, licking with his tongue to moisten his lips. "Did you say Maxwell?" asked Cassidy, shooting out his syllables hard and straight. "No, no I said Morrison." The man looked as though he were going to collapse then and there. "One name's as good as another, I guess, ain't it?" went on the detective. "Well, what's your business?" "My business?"

He fell to watching her again, as if she were some troublesome sentence that needed licking into shape. As she bent impertinently over her book, she was an insult to man. All Tommy's interest in her revived. She infuriated him. "Alice," he whispered. "Do keep quiet till I finish this chapter," she begged lazily. It brought him at once to the boiling-point. "Alice!" he said fervently.

No wonder her soul had been scorched and shrivelled up. No wonder the licking fires of unutterable shame kept her awake of nights. And if she writhed in the flaming humiliation of it all when she was alone, what was that woman's anguish of abasement when she stood face to face, and compelled to speech, with the man whose loving hand had unwittingly kindled that burning torment?

A minute or two afterwards back comes the man who had gone out, and says he to Hadji Mohammad, "You shot at me and hit me. You must pay me a fine." They searched him but found no wound on him anywhere. Then they knew that he was a were-wolf who had turned himself into a stag and had healed the bullet-wound by licking it.

"Probably, suh, I'd tell General Morgan that he could have his guns, providin' he kept his side of the bargain." "As far as the Yankees in Bardstown may know, General Morgan could be headed their way right now with a regiment. I don't think they've had time yet to learn just how badly we were scattered back there by the Licking River. You willing to take the flag in when we get there, Rennie?

Sometimes it was the love of a mother for her sick child; sometimes that of a tigress crouching over her wounded cub and licking its hurts. All was coloured with admiration of his beauty and grace, and mingled with boundless pity for their sad overclouding and defeature! Nor was the sense of wrong to herself in wrong to her own flesh and blood wanting.

There's more cunning in one of those warts on his bald head than in a pack of jack foxes. He inclined his head, closed his eyes, and, licking his lips profusely, began to speak with the voice of the hotel keeper. And he has such a soft mouth when he's speaking to you, don't you know. He's very moist and watery about the dewlaps, God bless him.