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"What's this? is something the matter? What are you doing here?" she went on hurriedly, turning to Lauriston. "Inside the shop! What's happened? tell me, one of you?" The detective purposely kept himself and Lauriston between Zillah and the open door at the rear of the shop. He made a kindly motion of his head towards her. "Now, my dear!" he said.

"When you took up with that Tyburn minx, I thought that you had realized the situation, that you saw that I found life with you detestable and intolerable, and that you meant to give me a chance to divorce you. I employed a private detective with what I had saved out of the house-money, and had you watched.

"Escaped" is the word; for the fear that I should hasten my trial by exhibiting too great a gain in health, mental or physical, was already upon me; and it controlled much of my conduct during the succeeding months of depression. Having now no special attendant, I spent many hours in my room, alone, but not absolutely alone, for somewhere the eye of a detective was evermore upon me.

"We want you to identify them and, if you will, to look them over," replied the chief. "The cardboard box contains everything she was wearing when she went to the hotel in Eastbourne Terrace; the suit-case and coat are what she took in with her. Spread the things out on that side table," he continued, turning to the detective. "Let Miss Lennard look them over."

Medallion had left no stone unturned to clear him at the trial, had himself played detective unceasingly. But the hard facts remained, and on a chain of circumstantial evidence Blaze Turgeon was convicted of manslaughter and sent to prison for ten years. Blaze himself had said that he did not remember, but he could not believe that he had committed the crime. Robbery?

Lawrence, that you were the woman in the taxi-cab the night Mr. Warren was killed?" She inclined her head. "Yes." Carroll fidgeted nervously. "I must warn you to be careful in what you say to me, my friend. I am the detective in charge of this case, and " "There is no use in concealment, Mr. Carroll. I have been driven almost crazy since that night. I have almost reached the end of my rope.

His voice had gradually grown deeper and more stern, and he added in brisk, businesslike tones, far removed from the personal element. "Now get back to the Bronx. Come to me to-morrow morning, and I'll have the data in the Paddington matter ready for you." The young detective had scarcely taken his departure, when Ramon Hamilton appeared.

I guess Anderson Crow knows blood when he sees it." "Do you mean to tell me that you've been trailing us all day in the belief that some one of us had killed somebody?" demanded Tom Reddon. Harry Squires explained the situation, Anderson being too far gone to step into the breach. It may be of interest to say that the Tinkletown detective was the sensation of the hour.

Inspector Roberts was standing with his back to the door, examining a photograph of the College, when the Head entered. He spun round briskly. 'Good evening, Mr Roberts. Pray be seated. You wish to see me? The detective took a seat. 'This business of the cups, sir. 'Ah! said the Head, 'have you made any progress? 'Considerable. Yes, very considerable progress. I've found out who stole them.

As he rushed on, Peter could read in the eyes of the detective that he wasn't really as sure as he talked. "Did you see that suit-case?" he demanded. "No, I didn't see no suit-case!" answered Peter. "I don't even know if there was a suit-case. I only know I heard Joe Angell say `suit-case, and I heard him say `dynamite." "Did you see anybody writing anything in the place?"