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The morality of this step has been keenly discussed. The rank and file of the army seem to have regarded it as little less than desertion, and the predominance of personal motives in this important decision can scarcely be denied. His private aim in undertaking the Eastern Expedition, that of dazzling the imagination of the French people and of exhibiting the incapacity of the Directory, had been abundantly realized. His eastern enterprise had now shrunk to practical and prosaic dimensions, namely, the consolidation of French power in Egypt. Yet, as will appear in later chapters, he did not give up his oriental schemes; though at St. Helena he once oddly spoke of the Egyptian expedition as an "exhausted enterprise," it is clear that he worked hard to keep his colony. The career of Alexander had for him a charm that even the conquests of Cæsar could not rival; and at the height of his European triumphs, the hero of Austerlitz was heard to murmur: "J'ai manqué

And if we have the patience to follow him but a step or two further, we shall find ourselves in the way of some very direct and accurate information, as to that.

As his foot sounded upon the threshold, a young woman advanced from the dusky interior of the house, at first hastily, and then with a more uncertain step, till they met face to face.

He says that when a parson Mr. Nash always calls him parson, and I just LOATHE that name has preached, and prayed, and visited the sick, that's enough for HIM." At this very moment a step sounded upon the walk, and an instant later a figure appeared in the doorway. "Why, Mr. Nash," exclaimed little Mrs.

After having made up his mind to take the step, he next determined that he would not marry in a hurry. He was not a man of quick passions, and was sometimes accused of being fastidious in his tastes.

When Miss Carteret let herself out of the rear door, Jastrow disappeared in the opposite direction, passing through the forward vestibule and dropping cat-like from the step to inch his way silently over the treacherous snow-crust to a convenient spying place at the other end of the car.

I'm perfectly famishing, and it doesn't seem as if I could stir a step till I've had a bite of something." I found some half-bottles of ale on the ice, and I brought one of them, too. Before we had emptied it we resigned ourselves to what we could not help in Tedham's case; perhaps we even saw it in a more hopeful light.

Brains and education seemed implied in every step of the dangerous game they were playing. Therefore it was only common sense to suspect one at least of these "civilised" houses, unless they could all manifestly clear their characters. Anyhow it were foolishness to neglect this consideration. And what had I discovered already?

So did matters ripen a step at a time. It was nothing to me, except I think and the Sahib sees this, too? that it is foolish to make an army and break their hearts in idleness. Why have they not sent for men of the Tochi the men of the Tirah the men of Buner? Folly, a thousand times. We could have done it all so gently so gently.

"You will do me the honour, seneschal," said Prosper, growing polite, "to answer my question first." "I will send for the girl Melot, Messire," answered Master Porges. "You shall send for whom you please, my friend, but you shall answer my question before you move from that step." The seneschal did not move from the step.