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It is impossible to conceive anything more animating than the quick and unobstructed run with which we were favoured, from Beechey Island across to Cape Hotham.

But as the enemy goes deeper and deeper "it sometimes happens that the cricket, bitten to the quick, attempts to retaliate; but it only succeeds in opening and closing the pincers of its mandibles on the empty air, or in uselessly waving its antennae." Vain efforts: "for now the voracious beast has bitten deep into the spot, and can with impunity ransack the entrails."

Vansittart gave a quick sigh of relief, and turned on her heel. She had long been unable to remain quietly in one place. She saw Dorothy coming up the slope to the platform. At last matters were taking a turn for the better except, indeed, Dorothy's face, which was set and white. "I have found out something," she said at once, and speaking quickly but steadily.

I have felt great pain for him during this last visit." "Pain! But why?" "My dear, do you remember what I read to you both from Sir William Temple the night before John left us?" Helen put her hand to her brow, and with a readiness which showed a memory equally quick and retentive, replied, "Yes; was it not to this effect?

Norton, patting her curly head, I declare I think you beat Olly for mischief. Olly never spoilt my dinner yet, that I remember. What should I do to him do you think, if he did?" "Beat him," said Tiza, looking up at Mr. Norton with her quick birdlike eyes. "Oh dear, no!" said Mr. Norton, "that wouldn't do my dinner any good. I should eat him up instead."

Tell me, Maschka, why he wouldn't sell me that portrait." I knew instantly, from her quick confusion, that her brother had spoken to her about the portrait he had refused to sell me, and had probably told her the reason for his refusal. I watched her as she evaded the question as well as she could. "You know how queer he was about who he sold his things to.

I called the carpenter and asked him if he could do anything to make the boat more seaworthy. He first inquired if he was to go with me, and seemed quite pleased when I said "Yes." He was over fifty years of age and not altogether fit, but he had a good knowledge of sailing-boats and was very quick.

'What, Althea! what, Lucy! All in the dumps, and not a word to say to your mother's own sister? and, in great surprise, we looked up on our aunt, whom we had seen but once since our mother died, when we were quite little. She was looking kindly on us; her eyes were quick, black, and sparkling, but had something very tender in them at that moment.

Then I shall run and wait upon my father as of old, and he will place his hand upon my head and say, 'Naomi, thou art as quick and light upon thy feet as a young hart or doe. That he cannot say now and speak the truth. But this very day it may be I shall have my sight again."

Down he went and the stick atop of him. He was up again like a wild cat, and at me hammer and tongs but he hadn't the weight, though he was quick and smart with his hands. I drew off and knocked him clean off his pins. Then he saw it wasn't good enough, and gave it best.

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