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A circle is formed in it round a single candle, and whilst the flasks go round tale succeeds to song, and song to tale, until at length all fall asleep, and are only interrupted in their slumbers until morning by the corporal, who, once every hour, enters and calls out the names of those who are to go on the watch.

Not though the America's cup never crosses the Atlantic and though sooner or later an American college crew succeeds as surely, for their pluck, they deserve to succeed in imitating the Belgians and carrying off the Grand at Henley.

Did he know how these difficulties were to be overcome? "If the Potomac succeeds," he adds, "it will have resulted from a fortuitous coincidence of circumstances which might never happen again." What the "fortuitous coincidence" was he does not explain; but the term was a felicitous euphuism to cover up what in the blunter political language of our time is called "log-rolling."

The Roman Catholic or other priest who insists on the reception of his formula means kindly, we trust, and very commonly succeeds in getting the acquiescence of the subject of his spiritual surgery, but do not let us take the testimony of people who are in the worst condition to form opinions as evidence of the truth or falsehood of that which they accept.

Favoral was much amused; and, on the days when she was present at her daughter's lesson, she was the first to inquire, "Well, how is that famous pupil?" And, according to what Marius had told him, "He is swimming in the purest satisfaction," answered the candid maestro. "Every thing succeeds miraculously well, and much beyond his hopes." Or else, knitting his brows

"Yes, but if you do your best?" I inquired. "A lawyer never does his best," he replied, hastily, "unless he succeeds. He must get his client's case, or get him off, I must get some sleep to-night," he added, "and take another pull. There's a man on the jury, he is the only one who holds out. I know I don't get him. And I know why. I see it in the cold steel of his eyes.

In the quality of his style, at once so firm and clear, so gorgeous yet so sober, so supple and so firm, he equals the writers of the seventeenth century. His method, so deeply and simply French, succeeds in giving an indescribable "tang" to his descriptions.

The weather is capricious, and by the time I reach Dutch Flat, ten miles east of Cape Horn, the floodgates of heaven are thrown open again, and less than an hour succeeds in impressing Dutch Flat upon my memory as a place where there is literally "water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to ;" no, I cannot finish the quotation.

Finally, referring once more to Massachusetts, there are nearly 2,000 free libraries in this single State, or one to every 800 inhabitants, and these, together, own 3,500,000 volumes, and circulate 8,000,000 of volumes annually. With regard to sobriety, it is well known that local option succeeds in closing the liquor saloons in very many operative American towns, and with the happiest results.

"Like the hen that hatched the eaglet " "And that Lewis Rand's no more Republican at heart than he is Federalist. He's just for Lewis Rand." "Hm-m-m!" "And that his name's known as far west as the Mississippi." "There's no law against a man's name spreading. It's what every man strives for. One succeeds, and the birds that carried the news are indignant." "And that he's an Atheist."