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Nevertheless it was a fact that she had, in all unconsciousness, chosen for the meeting a spot which would evidence to a man, consciously or unconsciously, the desirability for his own sake of acquiescence in her views and wishes. For all this spreading landscape was her possession, which her husband would share.

The Queen looked at him, he met her eyes with an expression that she had never seen on his face before. "Suffer me to have my way!" he said to her in a low tone "Let your singers finish their programme; afterwards do me the favour to dismiss your women, for I must speak with you alone." She bent her head in acquiescence; and re-seated herself on her ivory throne.

Once he had thought the way to the Briscoe homestead rather a long walk; but now the distance sped malignantly; and strolled they never so slow, it was less than a "young bird's flutter from a wood." With her acquiescence he rolled a cigarette, and she began to hum lightly the air of a song, a song of an ineffably gentle, slow movement.

It was evident, from the extreme gravity of the professor's demeanour, that his proposed visit was prompted by some other motive than that of mere idle curiosity; his companions therefore simply bowed in token of acquiescence, and permitted von Schalckenberg to follow undisturbed the bent of his own inclinations.

The romance of the situation drove me to poetry, and reduced Bee to the submission of listening to it for a short time. Trust me! I know how far to trespass on my sister's patience! But when I said, mournfully: "Never the time and place And the loved one all together," Bee nodded a plaintive acquiescence. In the morning, we almost saw the sun rise, but not quite.

The young girl most emphatically needs to be saved from herself, and she has to learn the lessons of obedience and of cheerful acquiescence in restrictions that certainly appear to her simply vexatious.

They will not return, he says, even if Helen be restored, for even a fool knows that Troy is doomed, because of the broken oath. The rest shout acquiescence, and Agamemnon refuses the compromise. Apparently he would not have disdained it, but for Diomede's reply. On the following day the Trojans have the better in the battle, and Agamemnon "has no heart to stand," nor have some of his peers.

I had intended going to London to my mother's sister. You are very opportunely come." She smiled up at him through the tears that were glistening in her eyes. "You come even as I was despairing nay, when already I had despaired." Sir Crispin was no longer puzzled by the readiness of her acquiescence. Here was the explanation of it.

Excitement of the Romans. Final preparations. The moment arrives. The maidens seized. The men fly. The Romans secure the captive maidens. An incident. A captive "for Thalassius." The phrase "for Thalassius" becomes a proverb. Resentment of the fathers and brothers of the maidens. The captives called together in the morning. Address made to them by Romulus. Acquiescence of the captives. Cures.

On the one hand the judiciary was pronounced to be stripped of its capacity to enforce the laws; crimes which reached the very existence of social order were perpetrated without control; the friends of Government were insulted, abused, and overawed into silence or an apparent acquiescence; and to yield to the treasonable fury of so small a portion of the United States would be to violate the fundamental principle of our Constitution, which enjoins that the will of the majority shall prevail.

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