Among the good old proverbs associated with flax may be mentioned the following, which enjoins the necessity of faith in our actions: "Get thy spindle and thy distaff ready, and God will send the flax." A popular phrase speaks of "An owl in an ivy-bush," which perhaps was originally meant to denote the union of wisdom with conviviality, equivalent to "Be merry and wise."

The context is as follows. The clause 'He who meditates on the Vaisvanara Self as pradesamatra, &c. enjoins meditation on the highest Self having the three worlds for its body, i.e. on Vaisvanara. The following clause 'he eats food in all worlds' teaches that the attaining of Brahman is the reward of such meditation.

The highest Self indeed is that being to which alone freedom from evil and the other qualities belong, and it forms the object of the first meditation; yet there is a difference between it as viewed in its essential being and as viewed as possessing those qualities; and moreover, the clause 'free from evil, from old age, &c. enjoins a meditation on the Self as possessing those qualities.

But now, as we have shown the disinterestedness which culture enjoins, and its obedience not to likings or dislikings, but to the aim of perfection, let us show its flexibility, its independence of machinery. Bright, means by these, as we have seen, a certain set of measures which suit the special ends of Liberal and Nonconformist partisans.

While the processes of change may have touched the surface of these relations, the family itself has remained to the present an institution established through the social sanctions of communities more primitive than our own. The new family begins with the ceremonial breach of taboo, the taboo which enjoins the shunning of woman as a being both sacred and unclean.

I regarded that as my duty; common sense itself enjoins such a proceeding, though other proprietors do not even dream of it; I am alluding to the sciences, to culture. 'Yes; I see you have here The Friend of Health for 1855, remarked Bazarov.

3 Interdicts for obtaining possession are exemplified by the one given to a 'possessor of goods, which is called 'Quorum bonorum, and which enjoins that whatever portion of the goods, whereof possession has been granted to the claimant, is in the hands of one who holds by the title of heir or as mere possessor only, shall be delivered up to the grantee of possession.

He appeals to "Caesar"; he goes before "Nero"; he never counsels insurrection, nor denounces government, in whatever hands or under whatever forms it may be; but he enjoins principles and duties which, if observed, would make "Caesars," even though they be "Neros," blessings, and their despotisms even would cease to be a curse. So with slave-holding.

Let nothing except necessity, or obedience, or charity, as I said, draw thee away from this or anything else. After the hour of eating, recollect thyself a little, and then do something with thy hands, as thou mayest need. At the hour of vespers, do thou go and keep quiet; and as much as the Holy Spirit enjoins on thee, that do.

I follow my last of this date by command. I mentioned in my former my mother's opinion of the merit you would have, if you could oblige your friends against your own inclination. Our conference upon this subject was introduced by the conversation we had had with Sir Harry Downeton; and my mother thinks it of so much importance, that she enjoins me to give you the particulars of it.