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A principal need of the 1980's will be maintaining mobility for all segments of the population in the face of severely increasing transportation costs and uncertainty of fuel supplies. We must improve the flexibility of our transportation system and offer greater choice and diversity in transportation services.

Whether she was dealing with gigantic business interests in deft fashion or showing tenderness for the little girl who puts away her dolls for the last time, Mary possessed a flexibility of comprehension and power. One could not be cheap in dealings with her. And as the eternal sex barrier was not present in Beatrice's behalf she realized that her jargon so impulsively planned would never be said.

This antagonism is the oddest outcome of the tremendous de-militarisation of war that has been going on. In France it is probably not so marked because of the greater flexibility and adaptability of the French culture. All military people people, that is, professionally and primarily military are inclined to be conservative.

"But what haf you been doing during the holidays?" exclaimed the maestro at last, his odd, husky voice fierce with annoyance. "There is no ease -no flexibility. You are as stiff as a rusty hinge. Ach! But you will haf to work not play any more." He frowned portentously, then with a swift change to a more reasonable mood, he continued: "Let us haf some songs Saint-Saens' Amour, viens aider.

As every new possibility begins to develop, two serious facts must be remembered: Direction must be given in the beginning before tendencies are fixed. A beginning is always a time of easy adjustment and flexibility. Business corporations can readily alter a course of action before a policy has been established.

We can recognize that phase in the tendency, well marked in all civilized lands, to an ever increasing flexibility of marriage. The idea, and even the fact, of marriage by consent and divorce by failure of that consent, which we are now approaching, has never indeed been quite extinct.

The work place of the future will demand more highly skilled workers than ever, people who are computer literate, highly educated. And we must be the world's leader in education. And we must revolutionize America's schools. My America 2000 strategy will help us reach that goal. My plan will give parents more choice, give teachers more flexibility and help communities create new American schools.

One gives it flexibility, that is, shows how it can be used without difficulty to express adequately a variety of thoughts and feelings in their nicety or intricacy; another makes it perspicuous or forcible; a third adds to its vocabulary; and a fourth gives it grace and harmony.

At this moment a whistle of peculiar volume, mellowness, and flexibility was heard. The whistler was trilling 'Come lasses and lads' in tones as delightful as a blackbird's. 'Is this him? said the old woman, turning upon her daughter. Bertha blushed, and turned away. The mother laughed.

The considerable proportion, viz., 17 per cent., drawn in more or less transversely depends no doubt on the flexibility of these half-decayed leaves.

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