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It seems he was vanquished, disarmed, and routed by the enemy at every turn, notwithstanding the fact that he had studied strategy so that his plans of employing and combining his resources would have filled any general officer with admiration. Nor did his overthrow have the merit of dignity.

It compels peace without sacrificing life. It is the most scientific warfare, because the least sanguinary, and because, like the highest strategy, it is directed against the communications, the resources, not the persons, of the enemy. It has been the glory of sea-power that its ends are attained by draining men of their dollars instead of their blood.

If the Iroquois sentinel should be on the alert for some such strategy on the part of the Mohawk, who was known to all as one of the most cunning of his race, it would seem that the trick was impossible. But there was every reason to hope that he did not suspect it, as his action in returning to his first station after the brief examination, showed, and the Mohawk acted on this belief.

Irwin told the story of the strategy that had changed him from jailer to prisoner and of the way he had later freed himself from the rope that bound him. Healy unloaded his sentiments with an emphasis that did the subject justice. Nevertheless he could not see that their plans were seriously affected. "It's a leetle premature, but his getaway doesn't cut any ice.

It is necessary to remember that at this time, and in fact until late in 1917, the orthodox view of the war for all the Allied peoples was that it would be decided by "attrition." Nobody believed in a war of movement. It was insisted that strategy did not count, or diplomacy. It was simply a matter of killing Germans.

She was absorbed in Machiavellian strategy, how to realize a hope that had been formed that very afternoon. "What are you both thinking of, sitting there so quietly?" said the Baron, stooping over them and kissing first his wife and then his child. "About nothing," said the wife, with the most innocent of smiles. "Oh! I am thinking," said Jacqueline, "of many things.

Douglas turned the Moose after her and they hurled down the steep slope with thundering hoofs. For some moments, the Moose sought to turn hither and yon as different horses flashed across his vision. But Doug held him to the black mare, and once the Moose realized that she alone was their quarry Douglas was able to give almost all his attention to watching her strategy.

That would seem too intrusive. He must manage to skip round deftly when the occasion offered, and by a piece of masterly strategy to come upon them face to face. Seized of this intention Braybrooke did a thing he had never done before; he "dogged" two human beings, walking with infinite precaution.

Now McClellan pushes the rebels from the extremity towards the centre, towards the focus of their basis, exactly what they want. I am sure that McClellan is allured to this strategy by the success of the gunboats on the Mississippi. He wishes that the gunboats may take Richmond, and he have the credit of it.

But the Chambers left wing had been neatly drawn in and Steve Edwards had nearly a clear field in front of him when, ten yards from the side line, he saw his chance and dodging behind St. Clair and eluding the Chambers right half-back, he fairly romped across the line! "That," shouted Amy, whacking Chase on the back, "is what is called strategy! Get me? Strategy!"