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One thing at least he could make known to us from Herdegen's letter; and that was that the writer said much concerning slavery and a great ransom, and likewise of a malignant woman who was his foe, and of her husband, whose wiles could by no means be brought to nought unless it were by cunning and prudent craft.

I could go down and get a bear and be back again while I am thinking of it; then to Rahman, 'No, come along; we will have a look through that wood anyhow. "Rahman evidently did not like it. 'Not easy to find bear, sahib. He very cunning. "'Well, very likely we shan't find them, I said, 'but we can try anyhow.

Since the Swallow did not answer, Bull-Head, wishing to be cunning, crept behind her in silence, and of a sudden seized the cloak and the arm beneath it, for he feared lest she should choose death and cheat him. "Then it was that the body rolled over toward him; then it was that he saw the whitened face and the black breast beneath.

Similarly, and to most more obviously, in society itself, the criminal against society, because he does not understand, or believe, or prefers not to accept arbitrary social law as the means by which necessarily the general good, including his own, is worked out, seeks to substitute for it his own intelligence, his cunning, in his search for prosperity, as he conceives it, by an adaptation of means to ends on his own account.

And the saber requires cunning as well as strength. Two or three students came toward him at once. "You are seeking Haeckle?" one of them asked. "I am. I knew him, but not well. Lately, however, I have thought is he here?" The students exchanged glances. "He is not here," one said. "Where did you know him?" "He came frequently to a shop I know of a cobbler's shop, a neighborhood meeting-place.

Jeanne now sent Villette out of the way, to Geneva, and on August 4 Bassenge asked the Cardinal whether he was sure that the man who was to carry the jewels to the Queen had been honest? A pleasant question! The Cardinal kept up his courage; all was well, he could not be mistaken. Jeanne, with cunning audacity, did not fly: she went to her splendid home at Bar-sur-Aube.

'On the what? exclaimed the little judge. 'Partly open, my Lord, said Serjeant Snubbin. 'She said on the jar, said the little judge, with a cunning look. 'It's all the same, my Lord, said Serjeant Snubbin. The little judge looked doubtful, and said he'd make a note of it. Mrs. Cluppins then resumed

Silently and secretly, it had absorbed and sucked and drawn into itself the hearts and souls and minds of two men. It held for the one that which the old prize above all things in the world life; and for the other, that which the young set above life love. Life? The Syndic did not doubt; the bait had been dangled before his eyes with too much cunning, too much skill.

In things that a man would not be seen in himself, it is a point of cunning, to borrow the name of the world; as to say, The world says, or There is a speech abroad. I knew one that, when he wrote a letter, he would put that, which was most material, in the postscript, as if it had been a by-matter.

He seemed bright of mind and active of body. He attended school as had none of the other boys; he even went to Sunday-school. Physically and mentally, he gave promise of prolonging the family line but he proved his father's only admitted regret. He lied and he stole. The money which his father would have given him freely he preferred to get by cunning.