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"Damn!" he addressed mentally the top of the Washington monument. "More grist for Bristow's mill! I'm not crazy, am I? I'm not that crazy, that's sure!" He set out to keep his appointment with Major Ross. After all, he felt reasonably sure of himself, and he had made up his mind to carry things through as he originally had intended. His shoulders were well back, his step elastic and quick.

Carry the thing a step farther, and you may as well paint signs upon your children's dresses, in the manner you see illustrated before you." At this, Louise made a signal and the fifty children so grotesquely covered with signs rose and stepped forward upon the stage.

Our want of knowledge may cause us to make mistakes as to what this better thing really is, and so in seeking to carry out our desire we may give it a wrong direction; but the fault is not in the desire itself, but in our mistaken notion of what it is that it requires for its satisfaction.

Clearly the birds had anticipated a cyclone, and that the wind turning would carry the gases out upon them to their destruction. They had therefore hurried away, and the fishes had done the same.

John lingered a moment to help Silvey carry the junk into the "Tigers'" club house. "Gee," Bill exclaimed as he gazed at the nondescript jumble, "I'll bet you it'll be a peachy time tonight." John nodded ecstatically. Then a lump caught in his throat and held him speechless for a moment. After all, he was out of the fun, and he hadn't the heart to tell his chum, either. He turned to leave.

Innocent intended to get a treaty which would carry an acknowledgment of the Emperor's failure, and then to reduce him to submission by a council held outside Italy. Negotiations continued until Innocent fled to Lyons, a practically independent city.

Is it possible you would not kill it, if you had time?" "Not for all the world. I should cautiously catch it, and then I should carry it to some deserted place outside the town, and there set it free." "Nevertheless; suppose it bit you?"

To carry these proceedings to a supposed successful conclusion, Noyes, McKenzie, and others found it a necessary part of the scheme to resist the process of this court.

"I wish you would let me ride the horse, though, for I think you run a greater risk than any of us." "No, no," answered Uncle Jeff; "although that may be true, it is my duty to you all. And Jack knows me better than any one else; it won't be his fault if he doesn't carry me clear."

Lena, your arm; I'll go below." No one spoke till he had disappeared, and then the captain shook his head. "Poor chap," he said, with a sigh. "Here, Dale, Walters, carry the fish to the cook; Hampton Dumlow, swabs and a bucket."