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She would submit if he required her submission, but she could not bring herself to take steps to secure her own misery. At last came the day on which the two Claverings were to go down to Harwich and put themselves on board Jack Stuart's yacht.

No wonder that men whose pride had been so greatly indulged by the flattering attentions of sovereign princes, and to whom, as to the idols of their country, their fellow-citizens paid the most reverential submission, should be highly indignant at this arrogance of a plebeian. Many of them had been personally insulted by Granvella.

The darkness of sorrow well! it will not cease, but He will 'smooth the raven down of darkness till it smiles, and He will bring into our griefs such a spirit of quiet submission as that they shall change into a solemn scorn of ills, and be almost like gladnesses. Peace, which is better than exuberant delight, will come to quiet the sorrow of the soul that trusts in Jesus Christ.

Behind, of course, were the sad faces of the four superfluous girls, each, poor thing like those other many thousand sisters of us all having her peculiar world which was of no importance to any one else, but all of them feeling Gwendolen's presence to be somehow a relenting of misfortune: where Gwendolen was, something interesting would happen; even her hurried submission to their kisses, and "Now go away, girls," carried the sort of comfort which all weakness finds in decision and authoritativeness.

A majority of both parties in both Senate and House voted for the submission of this amendment and it required both Democratic and Republican states to ratify it. The opposition which the amendment met in the South was not due to lack of confidence in women, for nowhere in the world is woman more highly estimated or more fully trusted.

It seems that the custom was for a government or a prince, when acknowledging the dominion of a superior power, to send, as a token of territorial submission, a little earth and water, which was a sort of legal form of giving up possession of their country to the sovereign who claimed it.

I given ye Vows! be witness, ye just Pow'rs, How far I was from giving any Vows: No, no, Diana, I had none to give. Dia. No Vows to give! What were they which unto the Holy Man Thou didst repeat, when I was made all thine? Bel. The Effects of low Submission, such as Slaves Condemn'd to die, yield to the angry Judge. Dia. Dost thou not love me then? Bel. Love thee!

"And low to the earth the Count then inclined, Bared his head in humble submission, To honor, with trusting and Christian-like mind, What had saved the whole world from perdition.

According to the requirements of the crisis Louis had no more hesitation about violating than about making promises; and, all the while that he was seeking after popularity, he intended to make his power felt at any price. How could he have done without heavy imposts and submission on the part of the tax-payers?

Trajan's campaign had brought about the submission of Armenia to the Romans; but it did not permanently deprive Parthia of any portion of her actual territory.