The only people, to-day, who are going to be competent to run a world, or who can get hold of even one end of it to try to run it, are going to be the people who want a world, who have a habit, who may be said to be almost in a rut, of wanting things all day, every day, for a world men who cannot keep narrowed down very long at a time to wanting things for themselves.

Pedro, notwithstanding the exertions he had undergone, had almost recovered from his hurts; and I never felt myself in better health and strength, while Ned scarcely knew what fatigue or illness meant. Our provisions had again run short, though we had collected a little Indian corn at some of the deserted farms we had passed.

Why, that's the girl Tom Herbert was telling me about who what was it? disappeared after her father was murdered." "Murdered in his own cottage almost in Afy's presence murdered by by " Mr. Carlyle recollected himself; he had spoken more impulsively than was his custom. "Hallijohn was my father's faithful clerk for many years," he more calmly concluded.

"He's gone for good, and he left that rifle here on purpose," said the Left Bower in a low voice, taking the weapon almost tenderly in his hands. "Drop it, then!" said the Right Bower. The voice was that of his brother, but suddenly changed with passion. The two other partners drew back in alarm.

I had almost lost all my credit with the people, because I hindered them on the 13th of March from massacring the Parliament, and because on the 23d and 24th I opposed the public sale of the Cardinal's library.

His father died when he was a baby and Mary has been sick almost ever since." "I'm always sorry for children that have no bringing up," said Anne soberly. "You know I hadn't any till you took me in hand. I hope their uncle will look after them. Just what relation is Mrs. Keith to you?" "Mary? None in the world. It was her husband . . . he was our third cousin. There's Mrs.

Twenty times at least I've almost screwed up my courage to ask her, but when it comes to the point, I simply can't do it." "You ought to be able to get at it, if any one can," said Insall. "I've a notion it may be connected with the strike," Augusta Maturin continued. "I never could account for her being mixed up in that, plunging into Syndicalism. It seemed so foreign to her nature.

Of course if he wished to withdraw his confidences from her, just as he had almost confessed he wished to withdraw his NAME, she couldn't help it, but it was hard that when she sat there all day long trying to think what was best for them, she should be blamed! At which the quiet and forgiving John Milton smiled remorsefully and tried to comfort her.

Reynolds stroked the dog, the count told him that "the dog was of a curious breed, now almost extinct the Irish greyhound; only one nobleman in Ireland, it is said, has a few of the species remaining in his possession Now, lie down, Hannibal," said the count. "Mr. Reynolds, we have taken the liberty, though strangers, of waiting upon you " "I beg your pardon, sir," interrupted Mr.

Here she was teaching dirty children, and the smell of confused odors and bodily perspiration was to her at times unbearable. Then there was the fact of their color: it was a fact so insistent, so fatal she almost said at times, that she could not escape it. Theoretically she had always treated it with disdainful ease.