Clothing should be light yet warm, and sufficiently free so as not to interfere with bodily movements. No woman who values her health should submit to any tight lacing. The organs of the body require every inch of space for the proper performance of their functions, and if they are unduly squeezed many serious complaints may result.

The moment I reached the door, I ran forward with my stick raised, but not with any design of striking man, woman, or child, when a ramplor devil, the young laird of Swinton, who was one of the most outstrapolous rakes about the town, wrenched it out of my grip, and would have, I dare say, made no scruple of doing me some dreadful bodily harm, when suddenly I found myself pulled out of the crowd by a powerful-handed woman, who cried, "Come, my love; love, come:" and who was this but that scarlet strumpet, Mrs Beaufort, who having lost her gallant in the crowd, and being, as I think, blind fou, had taken me for him, insisting before all present that I was her dear friend, and that she would die for me with other siclike fantastical and randy ranting, which no queen in a tragedy could by any possibility surpass.

March found his wife in great bodily comfort when he went back to her, but in trouble of mind about a clock which she had discovered standing on the lacquered iron top of the stove. It was a French clock, of architectural pretensions, in the taste of the first Empire, and it looked as if it had not been going since Napoleon occupied Mayence early in the century. But Mrs.

But a severe illness, during which both herself and little Jane suffered much for the want of nourishing food, left her with impaired sight. She could no longer, by sewing, earn the money required to buy food and pay her rent, and was compelled to resort to severe bodily toil to accomplish that end.

The question whether one shall suffer from a germ disease is not simply the question whether he shall be exposed, or even the question whether the bacteria shall find entrance into his body. It is equally dependent upon whether he has the bodily vigour to produce alexines in proper quantity, or to summon the phagocytes in sufficient abundance and vigour to ward off the attack.

Here and there I found traces of the little people in the shape of rare fossils broken to pieces or threaded in strings upon reeds. And the cases had in some instances been bodily removed by the Morlocks as I judged. The place was very silent. The thick dust deadened our footsteps.

Physical work succeeded no better than intellectual; he endured the fatigue of butchers and wood-choppers, but he did not obtain their sleep. Decidedly, bodily fatigue was worth no more than that of the brain. It was worth even less.

We can see gleaming through all their words, though only gleaming through them, the same truth which Jesus Christ couched in the immortal phrase the charter of the Church's emancipation from all externalisms 'neither in this mountain, nor yet in Jerusalem, shall men worship the Father. To 'dwell in the house of the Lord' is not only to be present in bodily form in the Temple the Psalmist did not think that it was only that but to possess communion with Him, of which the external presence is but the symbol, the shadow, and the means.

"Catherine used to boast that she stood between you and bodily harm: she meant that certain persons would not hurt you for fear of offending her. It's well people don't really rise from their grave, or, last night, she might have witnessed a repulsive scene! Are not you bruised, and cut over your chest and shoulders?" "I can't say," he answered, "but what do you mean?

"There were types of life the Atlantean system knew it might revive life unmanifested to-day in any bodily form," was the sentence he caught with his return to the actual present. "A type of life?" he whispered, looking about him, as though to see who it was had joined them; "you mean a soul? Some kind of soul, alien to humanity, or to to any forms of living thing in the world to-day?"