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Mother wanted to rummage ag'in the other day and I wouldn't let her; then, she wouldn't let me have the keys so I could fix 'em up." "But the keys were in my pocket, Jane." "Mother has a lot of keys. I've told you jes' how it all was." "Nothing was taken away?" "No. Mother aint got sense, but she never takes things. I nuther 'cept when I'm hungry. Never took anything here.

Jane went to the room that had once been her father's, and from a secret chamber in the thick stone wall she took a bag of gold, and, carrying it back to the court, she gave it to the rider. "There, Judkins, and understand that I regard it as little for your loyalty. Give what is fair to your boys, and keep the rest. Hide it. Perhaps that would be wisest."

I stopped for three weeks in Jane's lodgings; and before the end of that time, Jane and I had got upon the most intimate footing.

He is a young man whom we met on the train, Mrs. Gwynne, a friend of some of our Winnipeg friends." "We shall be very glad to have him stay with us, my dear," said Mrs. Gwynne. "Go and bring him in." "Go on, Jane," said Nora. "Now, Nora, stop it," said Jane. "I will get really cross with you. Hush, there he is." The young man seemed to fill up the door with his bulk. "Mr.

Graham's, and finding Jane alone, he immediately seized the moment to explain himself, beginning by a lover-like remonstrance upon her having joined the Taylors, instead of going with him as she had already promised to do. Jane was excessively embarrassed. As Harry proceeded, she became more and more agitated.

Jane, marching about in the cold, outside, and hearing them talk, realises how little she understood the beautiful gift which was laid at her feet; how little she had grasped the nature and mind of the man whom she dismissed as "a mere boy."

"I wonder if the cover comes off, or just opens like a door," thought Mary Jane as she bent over it. "I guess I'd better see." She moved the cover the tiniest bit and found it was fastened to one side. "It's like a box," she said aloud, "and it opens easy, I know!" She opened it out and what do you suppose she saw down in the bottom of that basket? You'd never guess!

Up, and troubled at a distaste my wife took at a small thing that Jane did, and to see that she should be so vexed that I took part with Jane, wherein I had reason; but by and by well again, and so my wife in her best gown and new poynt that I bought her the other day, to church with me, where she has not been these many weeks, and her mayde Jane with her.

'Oh, my dear Jane, Adeline told me all about it yesterday. I am very sorry for you to have had such a charge, but what could you expect of girls cast about as they have been, always with a marching regiment? 'I do not think Mysie has given you any reason to think her ill brought up. 'A little uncouth at first, but that was all. Oh, no! Mysie is a dear little girl.

Seeing that nothing could be accomplished through aids, my enemies have at last come out to superintend my butchery in person; and but for the timely interference of Calamity Jane and Justin McKenzie, a short time since, I should have ere this been numbered with the dead.