But even their partial freedom has already shown its good effects. At this moment knowledge is progressing faster among these people than any other on the face of the earth. Meteorology begins to assume the palpable shape of an exact science. Well, we began this politico-scientific discussion by observing that it was very cold in the latitude of Lake Winnipeg, even in late spring.

It is a slender hope, not to be compared to that of the true Winnipeg man, who, gazing on his city, is fired with the proud and secret ambition that it will soon be twice as big, and after that four times, and then ten times.... "Wider still and wider Shall thy bounds be set," says that hymn which is the noblest expression of modern ambition. That hope is sure to be fulfilled.

He had not felt this until he went to Winnipeg. On the whole, he had liked the struggle against physical obstacles. It was his proper job, but the struggle was stern and sometimes exhausting, and his reward was small. Now he wanted something different, and gave himself to vague and brooding discontent. Ruth Duveen had broken his former tranquillity.

In a week the voyageurs had travelled probably three hundred miles, and were within the region of Lake Winnipeg, where the Cree hunters assemble in October for the winter. Radisson had come to this region by way of Lake Superior with the Cree hunters twenty years before, and his visit had become a tradition among the tribes. Beaver are busy in October gnawing down young saplings for winter food.

"Still, there is a good deal to be done first, and not two hours left before I begin it to-morrow." A year of tireless effort and some anxiety had passed since Winston had seen the first load of flour sent to the east, when he and Graham sat talking in their Winnipeg office. The products of the St.

One of the first steps taken by the directors was to open offices in Winnipeg, and put two men with United States experience in charge A. B. Stickney, later president of the Chicago Great Western, as general superintendent, and General Rosser as chief engineer. The rate of progress was not satisfactory, and early in 1882 a fortunate change was made.

One of my kid's jokes. Not much of a joke I guess, but he's always ringin' 'em in." "You have a son, Mr. Sleighter? He's in Alberta now?" "No, the missis and the kids, three of them, are in Winnipeg. She got tired of it out there; she was always wantin' the city, so I gave in." "I hear it's a beautiful country out there." "Now you're talkin', ma'am." She had touched Mr.

A party and I don't know a soul in Winnipeg. Arrived this morning and going this evening! So glad to see you, Mr. Arthur. You are coming, of course?" "Where?" said Delaine, bewildered. "To my tea, this afternoon. Mr. Anderson Mr. Delaine. Mr. Anderson has most kindly arranged a perfectly delightful party! in our car this afternoon.

"Isn't it worth while, though there are things you would have to give up?" she asked. "You couldn't go away and waste your money in Winnipeg every now and then." Hawtrey laughed. "No," he admitted; "I suppose if I meant to make anything of the place that couldn't be done. Still, you see, it's horribly lonely sitting by oneself beside the stove in the long winter nights.

She had on her best dress, a beaded silk with purple satin trimmings, brought by a Red River cart from Winnipeg, accompanied with a guarantee from the trader that Queen Victoria had none better. The guarantee was worth what it was worth, but Matapi-Koma was satisfied. Never had she seen anything so grand. That Angus McRae could afford to buy it for her proved him a great chief.