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The lady of his heart was his partner in the dance, and smiling graciously in reply to all his amorous oglings; while Brom Bones, sorely smitten with love and jealousy, sat brooding by himself in one corner.

He paused, brooding, wrenching one of his lean hands with the other. "There's one thing I must ask you " "Ask, ask, then." "I told you Anne would care for you if you gave her time. She does care for you." "Yes. Odd as it may seem, I really believe she does." "Well don't let her be hurt by it." "Hurt? Who's going to hurt her?"

"How could she?" he repeated with scathing emphasis; "just as any she-devil can set brooding on an evil thought for years till she's hatched out a devil's dozen of filthy lies." He drew the reins a little too tightly in his righteous wrath, and the mare reared suddenly. "What the dev whoa, there Kitty, what you about?"

"I know thy gentle love is all too deep, too pure, too strong, to share my fears for thee, and oh, I bless thee, bless thee for the sweet solace of that faithful love! yet, yet, I may not listen to thy wishes. All that thou sayest is but confirmation of the brooding evil; they are active, willing, but to hide their dark designs.

When all the others had dispersed, she lingered over the fire with Roy, while Lance, at the piano, with diplomatic intent, drifted into his friend's favourite Nocturne the Twelfth; that inimitable rendering of a mood, hushed yet exalted, soaring yet brooding, 'the sky and the nest as well. The two near the fire knew every bar by heart, but as the liquid notes stole out into the room, their fitful talk stopped dead.

My father hearing their murmurs and the abuse they poured out against us, said, loud enough for all in the boat to hear, 'We are not surprised sailors are destitute of shame, when their officers blush at being compelled to do a good action. The commandant of the boat feigned not to understand the reproaches conveyed in these words, and, to divert our minds from brooding over our wrongs, endeavored to counterfeit the man of gallantry.

I had a faint suspicion that Brita was brooding over my putting off the wedding, but I was afraid to ask her about it. You know, father, you always said that the year I married, the house was to have a fresh coat of red paint. That year I simply couldn't afford it. By next year everything will be all right, I thought then." The plowman walked along, his lips moving all the while.

And alone in the hushed bigness of that land the man walked with his thoughts brooding, perhaps, over whatever it was that had so strangely placed him there dreaming, it may be, over that which might have been, or that which yet might be viewing with questioning, wondering, half-fearful eyes the mighty, untamed scenes that met his eye on every hand.

Asad had a father aye, and a clever one a father who dwelt at the Mission-house, and was always at the ladies' ears with cunning falsehoods. If only Iskender's father the righteous Yâcûb had been still alive! . . . Thus brooding on her wrongs, with lips still murmurous, the mother of Iskender brushed a hand across her eyes, and looked about her.

It was this device he was brooding over when Dorothy came upon him by the arblast.

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