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She had seen him drop to his knees when Diablo lashed out; he must be sorely hurt; now he was reeling like a drunken man as he fought the mad brutes. "This way," she panted, catching him by the coat, and pulling him toward the window. Ah, that was it! He saw her now. It steadied his senses. It was the girl, and she had called him "Mortimer!"

There was a thick wood close by, and the queen plunged into it, but she was sorely afraid and trembled in every limb, for she knew that this wood was the hiding-place of robbers and outlaws. Every tree seemed to her excited fancy to be an armed man waiting to kill her and her little son.

Hardwicke lounged with his back against the gate of the orchard and his hands in his pockets. When he lifted his eyes from the turf on which he stood he could see the white blankness of a closed window through the boughs. He was sorely perplexed. Not ten minutes earlier Mrs. Latimer had been there, saying, "Something should be done: why does not Mr. Thorne go to her? Or could Dr.

Up and began our discontent again and sorely angered my wife, who indeed do live very lonely, but I do perceive that it is want of work that do make her and all other people think of ways of spending their time worse, and this I owe to my building, that do not admit of her undertaking any thing of work, because the house has been and is still so dirty.

Her heart inclined chiefly to her niece, as being a woman, struggling alone through the world; whereas Harold, firmly settled in his curacy, would not need additional fortune. "Oh, but he does need it; you little know how sorely!" cried Olive. "Eh, my dear? He, a minister!" Olive drew back, afraid lest she had betrayed too much of the-secret so painfully shared between her and Harold Gwynne.

They must take their breast pieces and steel caps, of course. They can leave the back pieces behind them. "I will go round to the hospital, and say goodbye to Henri and Jacques. They will feel being left behind, sorely." After visiting his wounded followers, he went to the house occupied by the Prince of Navarre, where Francois also was lodged.

Forese then asked Dante to explain to himself and his astonished fellow-sufferers how it was that he stood there, a living body of flesh and blood, casting a shadow with his substance. "If thou callest to mind," said Dante, "what sort of life thou and I led together, the recollection may still grieve thee sorely.

This I gave very easily, as long as it was on ground that was not accessible to them; but it sorely puzzled me to account for the time I had been on the railroad, and for the last night, which I spent in the woods. I had to invent families with whom I stayed tell the number of children and servants at each, and all the particulars.

"Why, yes," he said slowly, "I came all the way from Boston to see you and talk to you, Gertie. There is no reason why I shouldn't say whatever there is to say, I suppose." Gertrude looked at him. The tone in which this speech was delivered, and the speech itself the first part of it, especially amazed and hurt her. Incidentally, her temper having been sorely tried already that evening by Mr.

He would send the letter, in spite of Dr Tempest. Let justice be done, though the heaven may fall. He had heard of Lady Lufton's offer to his wife. The offers of the Lady Luftons of the world had been sorely distressing to his spirit, since it had first come to pass that such offers had reached him in consequence of his poverty.

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