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By and by home with Sir J. Minnes, who tells me that my Lord Clarendon did go away in a Custom-house boat, and is now at Callis: and, I confess, nothing seems to hang more heavy than his leaving of this unfortunate paper behind him, that hath angered both Houses, and hath, I think, reconciled them in that which otherwise would have broke them in pieces: so that I do hence, and from Sir W. Coventry's late example and doctrine to me, learn that on these sorts of occasions there is nothing like silence; it being seldom any wrong to a man to say nothing, but for the most part it is to say any thing.

It might be detrimental to his work, on which he set great value, if he angered the old warrior, who was a living source of history. Yet the King was still ill-disposed to the merchant, for while he destroyed Archias's death sentence which had been laid before him for his signature, he said to Philippus: "The money-bag whose life I give you was the friend of my foe.

And whomsoever of the rest his heart and spirit stir thereto, hither let him come and try the issue with me, in boxing or in wrestling or even in the foot race, I care not which, for ye have greatly angered me: let any of all the Phaeacians come save Laodamas alone, for he is mine host: who would strive with one that entreated him kindly?

It followed us as though it were angered." "Come," said Father Thomas, turning upon him, "you speak thus of a thing, as you might speak of a dog what is it like?" "Nay," said Henry, "I know not; I can never see it clearly; it is like a speck in the eye it is never there when you look upon it it glides away very secretly; it is most like a goat, I think.

The premier holy man, satisfied that he understood Kathlyn's gestures, turned to the justly angered villagers and explained that with his aid their priestess would, in five suns, recreate Vishnu in all his beauty. Instantly the villagers prostrated themselves. "Poor things!" murmured Kathlyn. The holy men sent the natives away, for it was not meet that they should witness magic in the making.

When the music began he appeared among the villagers, commanding them to cease from their revels and bethink themselves of the House of God. But the lads and lasses laughed, and the music went on as they footed it gaily. Then the abbot was angered; he raised his hands to heaven and cursed the thoughtless crowd, condemning the villagers to dance there unceasingly for a year and a day.

What vast blob of wisdom would find its difficult way out of him? The bulbous lips wiggled in a pleasant smile. "Voo parlez francais." This was delightful. The planton behind me was obviously angered by the congenial demeanour of Monsieur le Gestionnaire, and rasped with his boot upon the threshold.

That staggering fact had appalled, as well as angered, him. Why should their particular plane have been selected for such treacherous work, among all the scores connected with the air service in that sector of the fighting front? "What do you make of this thing, Tom?" he immediately demanded. "It's an ugly bit of business, I should say," came the guarded reply.

I walked up and down, hoping to calm my troubled mind with movement. The possibility of perishing in our reckless undertaking was the least of my worries; my heart was pounding at the thought that our plans might be discovered before we had left the Nautilus, at the thought of being hauled in front of Captain Nemo and finding him angered, or worse, saddened by my deserting him.

"Imphm," said I, for Margaret was looking down and smiling in a way that angered me a little "imphm," said I. "Did she say was he bringing his wife with him?" "Wife?" said Hugh with a start. Margaret was not smiling now, but I will say this; she was making a brave try at it. "Some lady in Jamaica," said I, "wi' bonny bright eyes, young McKinnon was thinking." At that Hugh left us, smiling.