This flower had a fragrant smell, the leaves were less downy than some of the earlier sorts but were covered with a resinous gum that caused it to stick to the fingers, it looked quite silky, from the thistle down, which, falling upon the leaves, was gummed down to the surface. "The country folks," said Mrs.

Exposed to dangers of all sorts, he becomes callous to them, and is as ready to destroy human as well as animal life as he is to expose his own. He cares nothing for laws, human or divine. Strong, active, hardy, and daring, he depends on his instinct for the support of life.

Up to midnight not a minute must be lost, and if I then leave off for a little while you must by that time be dreaming of all sorts of pleasant things." "I will carry you the cabbage then," said his father, "for I shall not be in bed so early at any rate.

Instead of gingerbread, there were immense quantities of metai, or sweetmeats, of different shapes and forms, and various hues; sugar rock-work, pink, white, and yellow, with all sorts and descriptions of cakes. The carriage moved slowly through the crowd, and at length, finding it inconvenient to proceed farther in it, we alighted.

Thus it was, that just as he was about to commence getting out these great requisites from new planks, he came across a stem, stern-frame, and keel of a boat, that was intended to be eighteen feet long. Of course our young man profited by this discovery, getting the materials of all sorts, including these, round to the ship-yard by means of the raft.

Johnnie's face fell. "Must I stay all winter?" she said in a trembling voice. "Aren't you going to take me home?" "But I thought you wanted to be 'adopted, and to go to Europe, and have all sorts of fine things happen to you." "Oh, Papa, don't tease me. Mamma Marion is ever so kind, but I want to come back and be your little girl again. Please let me.

But the unsolved points of the mystery the points that he himself had discovered during his visit to the inn kept returning to his mind at all sorts of odd times, in the night, and during his walks.

Yes, America is the pig-trough of the Old World, and into it everything that can't be used in the kitchen is dumped cabbage and turnips and all sorts of things. And for the piggies who live in the castle behind the house, and understand French 'Oui! Oui! there's very good feeding there."

The brutes are stuffed now, in the hall at home the lions each on a pedestal, and the alligator on the floor with the eagle in his jaws much as they were when I settled them and saved the Stranger. All sorts of stories have got into the papers about the business, which was simple enough; so, though no hand with a pen, I may as well write it all out.

The spies of the police are a regiment of inquisitive fellows; with this difference, that each individual belonging to this regiment has a distinct dress, which he changes frequently every day; and nothing so quick or so astonishing, as these sorts of metamorphoses.