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The constables were commanded to admit fugitives only on board the vessels bound for the places where they belonged; two planks were laid to every ship, One for goods, the other for passengers; the constables loudly shouted that as the law directed when the alarm-bell rang all citizens of Leyden must enter their houses and the streets be cleared, on pain of a heavy penalty.

'We'll let the water out, said the father. 'Go home you and look to yourself. See that he's looked after, Rupert, he added in a neutral voice. 'Well father, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm afraid it's my fault. But it can't be helped; I've done what I could for the moment. I could go on diving, of course not much, though and not much use He moved away barefoot, on the planks of the platform.

There was a black fringe of heads between the posts on the top of the elevator, where the carpenters were spiking down the last planks of the walls and bins. Miss Vogel was at work on the ledger when Bannon entered the office. He pushed his hat back on his head and came up beside her. "How's it coming out?" he asked. "Do we know how much we're good for?" She looked up, smiling. "I think so.

One evening when it was dark he embarked the best of his soldiers on lighters and planks, and turning to the right of the harbour, disembarked on the Taenia. Then he advanced to the first lines of the Barbarians, and taking them in flank, made a great slaughter.

The tide being in, the vessel's rail was higher than the wharf, and we landed the casks on the rail, from which they were rolled down some planks to the shore. Two negroes were stationed on the wharf to receive the casks, and to ease them down. One of these fellows was in the practice of running up the planks, instead of standing at their side and holding on to the end of the hogsheads.

He remembered that the sweat had run down his face as though he'd been handling planks in the lumber-yard in midsummer. And what had he found? He'd found that he'd never got over the jolt it had given him, there on that aimless youthful trip through Italy, with China and the Eastern seas before him, to fall in love and have all those plans for wandering cut off by the need for a safe, stable life.

At length, on the third afternoon, there was such an extraordinary hullabaloo on the deck that our hero was roused out of his long torpor. The ship's bell was ringing and the seamen's heavy boots ran over the planks. "Go ahead! Stop her! Turn astern!" barked the hoarse voice of Captain Barbassou; and then, "Stop her dead!"

In the distance, drifting from south to north, carried along by the impetuous torrent, they saw trees torn up by the roots, twisted branches, roofs torn off, destroyed RANCHOS, planks of sheds stolen by the deluge from ESTANCIAS, carcasses of drowned animals, blood-stained skins, and on a shaky tree a complete family of jaguars, howling and clutching hold of their frail raft.

And is there not a corner of my memory for the crawling fusty leave-train that had bare planks nailed across the door spaces of some of the "officers'" compartments; a train so packed that we three officers took turns on the one spare seat in an "other ranks" carriage?

The mate directed the rest of the party to collect all the spars, planks, and cordage they could find. "We might live on here for months, lads," said Mr Scoones, "but should another gale spring up somewhat rougher than the last, we may all be swept away; so depend upon it, the sooner we get off this sand-bank the better.