"My eyes! but the Sylph is gone too!" exclaimed the veteran, as he perceived the moorings afloat where she usually lay. "Strange, isn't it?" Uncle Ben scratched his head, and did not know what to make of it. "Here comes Tony, running with all his might," continued Frank. "What's the matter, Tony?" "Somebody has stolen the Butterfly!" gasped Tony, out of breath." "And the Zephyr and the Sylph!"

"Now, then, Pillingshot, I'll begin this thing, just to start you off. What makes you think the quid has been stolen, Evans?" "Because I jolly well know it has." "What you jolly well know isn't evidence. We must thresh this thing out. To begin with, where did you last see it?" "When I put it in my pocket." "Good. Make a note of that, Pillingshot. Where's your notebook? Not got one?

As they stood on the verge of the defile, by the bridge that swung out from the cliff like a fairy structure, they heard far and faint the whistle and low rumble of the night train south-bound from Washington; and to both of them the sound urged the very real and practical world from which for a little time they had stolen away.

Arthur fell into consternation great as Mr. Galloway's, as he repeated the words. Was it possible that Roland had stolen a march on Mr. Galloway? He relapsed into silence and thought. "What makes you so sad?" Constance asked of Arthur later, when they were dispersing to their several occupations. "I am not sad, Constance; only thoughtful.

"Your lips are free now," she said; "kiss my hand after the fashion of your own country," and she stretched it out to Alan, leaving him no choice but to obey her. "Why," she went on mischievously, taking his hand and in turn touching it with her red lips, "why, are you a thief, Vernoon? That ring was mine and you have stolen it. How did you steal that ring?"

BLEPS. That will mean ruin to a good many people! BYSTANDER. Just my idea! PRAX. Why should there be any? BLEPS. Why! for reasons enough, heaven knows! For instance, a man might repudiate his debts. PRAX. In that case, where did the man who lent the money get it from? Clearly, since everything is in common, he must have stolen it! BLEPS. So he must! An excellent idea! But now tell me this.

Even Lilly himself, not devoting, it would seem, five minutes to inquire into the probable success of the affair, was indicted in 1655 by a half-witted young woman, because he had given judgment respecting stolen goods, receiving two shillings and sixpence, contrary to an Act made under and provided by the wise and virtuous King James, First of England and Sixth of Scotland.

Had she stolen away here, had she even appointed a place of meeting with the wretched boy? was she vexed at his intrusion? Well, it would have to be faced now. He would go on, he would say a few words, he would at least not betray himself. After all, she had done no wrong, poor child she had only found her mate; and she at least should not be troubled.

But three days will be time enough for my selections for your wife, and she shall have the stolen ones also, if they are ever recovered." Mr.

He dared not keep it, so sent it to the Candlestick in care of another lad. He understood that its disappearance might bring harm to you. I trounced him well for his carelessness in permitting the cloak to be stolen." "This is all very unusual. Stolen, from you?" bewildered. "Yes." "And it was not you?" "Am I a killer of old men? No, Paul. De Brissac and I were on excellent terms.