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'Which way did she go? 'Down the Carmarthen road. 'Good morning, Mrs Lewis, thank you. I must look after my dog. Mr Prothero found it easiest to ask for the girl with a large black dog, and traced them to within a mile of Carmarthen. 'See her and the dog! Is seure. They come here in the evening, and she asked for a slice of bread and a drink of water, and took out sixpence to pay for it.

I suppose when Thisman, M.P., and Thatman, M.P., and the Public-blessing Party, lay their heads together in course of time, and come to an equalization of rating, she may go down to the dance of death to the tune of sixpence more. I could enter no other houses for that one while, for I could not bear the contemplation of the children.

There is a private chamber within, where she lay, her arms and style over the door; the arras hangs over all the doors; the gallery is sixty yards long, covered with bad tapestry, and wretched pictures of Mary herself, Elizabeth in a gown of sea-monsters, Lord Darnley, James the Fifth and his Queen, curious, and a whole history of Kings of England, not worth sixpence a-piece.

The ordinary school fees ranged from three to five shillings a quarter; but when Latin was taken they rose to seven and sixpence. Mr.

I found little Jenny Woods made small distinction between Mr. Geoffrey and Mr. Ginger. But come, Alex, why are you not off?" "Because I don't happen to have a sixpence," said Alex, with an honest openness, overcoming his desire to add "in my pocket."

But still his brain kept on actively at work, forming little pictures of the events of the afternoon, while his thoughts in his mental musings took the form of short, terse sentences. "I hate fighting. That's making friends with him. He'll always hate me now. Mr Maxted's all wrong. But Pete does love his dog. How queer about that sixpence." "Good-afternoon, Tom."

I wouldn't take ten millions for their capital." "Then the sooner we close the list the better." "I think so too. I suspect a rival company will be out before long. Blazes says the shares are selling already conditionally on allotment, at seven and sixpence premium." "The deuce they are!

In these cases, I cannot say a shopkeeper should be tied down to the literal meaning of his words in the price he asks, or that he is guilty of lying in not adhering stiffly to the letter of his first demand; though, at the same time, I would have every tradesman take as little liberty that way as may be: and if the buyer would expect the tradesman should keep strictly to his demand, he should not stand and haggle, and screw the shopkeeper down, bidding from one penny to another, to a trifle within his price, so, as it were, to push him to the extremity, either to turn away his customer for a sixpence, or some such trifle, or to break his word: as if he would say, I will force you to speak falsely, or turn me away for a trifle.

"Every thing here sumptuous and unfinished, you see," said Lady Dashfort to Lord Colambre, the day after their arrival. "All begun as if the projectors thought they had the command of the mines of Peru, and ended as if the possessors had not sixpence. Luxuries enough for an English prince of the blood: comforts not enough for an English yeoman.

"I don't think you're cruel," I answered, candidly; "but I think you tell fibs, for it did hurt." The doctor laughed long and loudly, and said I was quite an original, which puzzled me extremely. Then he gave me sixpence, with which I was much pleased, and we parted good friends. My father was with us on the following Sunday, and he did not go to the church Aunt Maria went to.