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There were in his mind joy and gratitude, hurt pride and bitter indignation, and a thousand whirling thoughts as to ways and means, the overcoming of obstacles, and the building of a palace fit to shelter his happiness. The clock struck, and he started up. Not for much would he have overstayed his hour. He left the room and passed through the silent house, mounted his horse, and rode away.

"And you can suggest means for overcoming it?" "I can," replied Lord Hastings, and added: "At the proper time and place." Von Rosten sat down and indicated Davis. "Then you can vouch for this man?" he asked. "Yes," replied Lord Hastings. "And I should be glad if you would release him. He is a traitor to his country and something of a bungler, but I can make use of him."

And what a joy is theirs! There is no happiness quite like that which comes to one who has fought the good fight and overcome habit and weaknesses of character. May every reader experience this supreme joy of overcoming. Deep down in every heart is an unquenchable desire for happiness.

He had come into the Catholic Church in spite of the most extreme natural repugnance, and he remained in it, overcoming the perpetual objection of Protestants that Catholicity could not be the truth because Catholic countries had become the least powerful and the least prosperous in the civilized world.

Will not all combine silently, silently to teach him at last? Less than man man more than man, than to-day's appearing man?... I am not wise. For yourself and the ring of your moment you may be judging inevitably, rightly.... But with what will you overcome and in overcoming what will you overcome?" He made a gesture of impatience. "Oh, friend, once I, too, could be metaphysical! I cannot now."

Gradually he was overcoming his sensation of sickness. His head was clearing, and he began to breathe more deeply. He tried to move his cramped arms. They were without feeling, lifeless weights hung to his shoulders. With an effort he thrust out his feet. And then through the window there came to him a low, thrilling sound. It was the muffled boom, boom, boom of a tom-tom.

Asceticism is often only a form of sensuality: the man finds satisfaction in overcoming the flesh. And wherever you find asceticism you find potential passion a smoldering volcano held in check by a devotion to duty; and a gratification is oft found in fidelity. The moral and religious poems of Burns were written in a desire to work off a fit of depression, and make amends for folly.

In his later years, in the eighties of this century, at the repeated and urgent request of his wife, Carleton wrote out, or, rather, jotted down, some notes for the story of the earlier portion of his life. He was to have written a volume had his wife succeeded, after due perseverance, in overcoming his modesty entitled "Recollections of Seventy Years."

We had, in Massachusetts, an old statesman, who had sat all his life in courts and in chairs of state, without overcoming an extreme irritability of face, voice, and bearing: when he spoke, his voice would not serve him; it cracked, it broke, it wheezed, it piped; little cared he; he knew that it had got to pipe, or wheeze, or screech his argument and his indignation.

If he had failed in his hope of overcoming Duvillard by giving her to him as a wife, he doubtless now consoled himself with thinking of the extraordinary fortune to which his blood had attained, by mingling with that of the harsh, old-time masters of his race, to whose corruption it gave a finishing touch.