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Carleton, more and more interested. "Why," said Fleda, lifting her gentle wistful eyes to his, and then looking away, "to bring everybody to be good and happy." "And how in the world are they to do that?" said Mr. Carleton, astonished to see his own problem quietly handled by this child.

When Jack Carleton raised his gun and sighted at the object in the tree, the latter swept aside the curtain in front and made a signal with his hand, which declared his identity. Even though the paint had been plentifully used by him, his regular features were recognized when he smiled, and kept his hand waving in front of him as though brushing smoke from his eyes.

"I should like to know where you gathered all that information?" remarked the amazed Jack Carleton; "the country beyond the Mississippi is greater than that on this side, and one of these days it will overflow with population, then what a country ours will be!" exclaimed the young patriot, with kindling eye.

Fleda turned round to the glass, and went on arranging her hair, with a quivering lip. "Lot! Mamma," said Constance, somewhat indignantly. "Yes," said Mrs. Evelyn, in ecstasies; "because the land will not bear both of them. But Mr. Carleton is very much in earnest for his answer, Fleda, my dear what shall I tell it him?

Owen regally. She swept slowly sideways to reveal a woman and a little girl of seven or eight years, immediately behind her. "Allow me to present to you my very dear friend, Mrs. Carleton. Mrs. Carleton is from the city, staying at the Ottawa for a few weeks, and I knew you would like the chance to show her some of our beautiful River." Mrs.

"No perhaps not," she said with a grateful look up. "You do not feel the cold now, Elfie?" "Not at all not in the least I am perfectly comfortable I am doing very well " He stood still, and the changing lights and shades on Fleda's cheek grew deeper. "Do you know where we are, Mr. Carleton?"

"I don't know that any of us were so charmed with him as one might be led to suppose from your remark, Edith," said Isabel Mainwaring, with a disdainful glance towards the attorney, who had seated himself beside Miss Carleton; "but here, almost any one will answer for a diversion, and he was really quite entertaining."

Carleton's kiss and fond words of welcome were hardly composing. Mrs. Carleton made her sit down, and with very gentle hands was busy arranging her hair, when the housekeeper came in; to pay her more particular respects and to offer her services. Fleda hardly ventured a glance to see whether she looked benign. She was a dignified elderly person, as stately and near as handsome as Mrs.

Won't you three be my guests at Ciro's?" "You are always in luck nowadays," sighed Madame d'Ambre. A shadow seemed to pass over the stolid face of the man, but she did not see it. "Naturally we accept the kind invitation, is it not so, dear Mademoiselle?" "I must be at Ciro's anyhow, about midnight," said Carleton, "for Schuyler asked me to meet him there for a Welsh rabbit after the opera.

Amherst had asked for his services at Louisbourg. But the king had neither forgotten nor forgiven the remarks about the Hanoverians, and so refused point-blank, to Wolfe's 'very great grief and disappointment... It is a public loss Carleton's not going. Wolfe's confidence in Carleton, either as a friend or as an officer, was stronger than ever.