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When he shot a sideways glance at her as he stretched his powerful arms and stamped his feet and yawned, he must have seen the color come and go faintly in her cheeks.

Slates and tiles have avalanched into the street, or the roof itself is entire, but has dropped sideways over the ruin below as a drunken cap over the dissolute. The lower floors are heaps of damp mortar and bricks. Very rarely a solitary picture hangs awry on the wall of a house where there is no other sign that it was ever inhabited.

Now swing them both together, crossing them in front, and then the same back-handed; then the same without crossing, and this again backward, which you will find much harder. Place them on the ground gently after each set of processes. Now can you hold them out horizontally at arm's length, forward and then sideways? Your arms quiver and quiver, and down come the clubs thumping at last.

Alyosha stood still and gazed vaguely at Father Païssy, but quickly turned his eyes away again and again looked on the ground. He stood sideways and did not turn his face to Father Païssy, who watched him attentively. “Where are you hastening? The bell calls to service,” he asked again, but again Alyosha gave no answer. “Are you leaving the hermitage?

I couldn't after that no, I couldn't, really." "What was it?" I said, laughing, as he shook his head dubiously and looked meditatively into the fire. "Why, I sent her a sonnet at least, no, a verse and we were talking about it afterwards, I had written " 'And leaning sideways, looks, and lifts The tresses of her heavy hair. "See?" I nodded.

Taffy gained the porch first; and just at that moment a black shadow heaved itself on the churchyard wall and came hurling over with a thud a clatter of dropping stones then a groan. Before they could grasp what was happening the old Squire had extricated himself from the fallen mare, and came staggering across the graves. "Hide me! He came with both arms outstretched, his face turned sideways.

He did not utter words; but every now and then gave vent to an expression of impatience or fatigue, sometimes of surprise; and still his restless head oh, weary, weary hour! went to and fro without a moment's intermission. Mrs Gamp solaced herself with a pinch of snuff, and stood looking at him with her head inclined a little sideways, as a connoisseur might gaze upon a doubtful work of art.

Then, as true as I'm telling you, if that golden ball didn't begin to dance up and down, and sideways, and around and around Uncle Wiggily, leaping here, and there, and everywhere, until he could hardly see it.

The bribe was a small brooch that had originally contained the letters of the little girl's first name. It was a very cheap brooch when new, and now some of the letters were gone and the gilt was worn off, but it was still a priceless treasure in Kitty's eyes. Joel Ham examined the gift, and then looked down upon the petitioner, his face pulled sideways into its familiar withered grin.

Bunting, taking a step or two sideways, sat down, and throwing her little black apron over her face burst into gasping sobs. Bunting patted her back timidly. "Ellen?" he said, much moved by her agitation, "Ellen? Don't take on so, my dear " "I won't," she sobbed, "I I won't! I'm a fool I know I am! But, oh, I didn't think we was ever going to have any luck again!"

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